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Salvage Agreement Template

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Name of Salvage Contractors: [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]

Property to be salvaged: [Property.Description]

Place of storage: [Storage.Location]

Pickup Location: [Pickup.Location]

Pickup Date: [Pickup.Date]

Person signing on behalf of the property: [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName]

Person signing on behalf of the contractor: [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]

Contractor’s Obligations

The contractor listed above in this salvage agreement has agreed , to the best of their ability, to salvage the property listed above and take the property to the storage location as listed.

In the event no safe location is listed the contractor can choose a location at their discretion considered suitable.

Prior Services

Any services rendered by the contractor to the property prior to this agreement date should be deemed part of this agreement and covered as such.  

Property Owner Obligations

The property owner shall fully cooperate with the contractor and provide any assistance needed during the term of this salvage agreement.

The property owner accepts responsibility of the following 

  1. Providing the Contractor with use to all machinery and equipment needed to fulfill the salvage agreement.
  2. Providing all relevant and needed information regarding the property to the Contractor
  3. Providing entry to any listed storage places for delivery of the property. 


The Property Owner and the Contractor shall be permitted to terminate this agreement with written notice.

Any failure to pay or denial of property entrance will also serve as grounds for termination.


All services rendered by the Contractor shall be deemed complete when the Property is dropped off at the storage location.

The property will be rendered in safe condition regardless of any maintenance needed to the property prior to the Contractor’s receipt of the property.

The Contractors are not obligated to remain with the property upon arrival at the storage location and will not be held liable for any damages occurring after drop off.

In the event of a disagreement between the Parties, both Parties agree to seek arbitration for the resolution of such issues.

Any and all arbitration will be in the jurisdiction of [Sender.State] and shall be conducted in a reasonable location for both Parties.

Such disputes shall be resolved through the use of a neutral arbitrator, whose ruling shall be deemed final and without dispute.​

The Property Owner is responsible for ensuring that any third parties with personal items at risk are given ample opportunity to remove such items.

The Contractor will not be responsible for any security of third party goods and will furthermore not be held responsible for the notification to third parties for any reason. 


By signing below, the Parties to this salvage agreement agree to enforce and uphold the entire terms of this agreement, and to carry out the duties and responsibilities described herein.









Salvage Agreement Template

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