Sublease Agreement NYC

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Sublease Agreement NYC

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This Sublease Agreement is made and entered into on this (Day) day of (Month), (Year), by and between [Sublessor.FirstName][Sublessor.LastName] (the “Sublessor”) and [Sublessee.FirstName][Sublessee.LastName] (the “Sublessee”).

The Parties agree to the following provisions in consideration of the commitments and duties expressed in this Agreement:

1. Property

The Sublessor, at this moment, agrees to sublease the property at (Property Address). The property, including any land and improvements thereon, shall be called the “Premises.”

2. Term

This Sublease will start on (Start date) and conclude on (End date). At the end of this period, the Sublessee must vacate the property unless both parties mutually agree in writing to extend this Sublease or establish a new, signed agreement.

3. Rent Payment

The Sublessee agrees to pay the Sublessor a monthly rent of (Amount). Payment is due on the (Day) of each month throughout the lease term. The Sublessee shall pay the first month’s rent in advance upon signing this Sublease Agreement. The Sublessee is responsible for any bank fees or charges associated with the Sublease.

4. Security Deposit

The Sublessee shall provide the Sublessor with a security deposit of $(Amount).

According to New York law, Permitted deductions may be subtracted from this security deposit. The Sublessor agrees to refund the Security Deposit to the Sublessee within 14 days from the conclusion of the term.

5. Utilities

The Sublessor is responsible for providing the following utilities to the Sublessee: (List of Utilities)

The Sublessee will be responsible for paying for the following utilities or services: (List of Utilities)

6. Use of Premises

The Sublessee and their representatives will use the Subleased Premises solely for purposes consistent with those permitted under the Master Lease. Additionally, the Sublessee agrees to adhere to all other relevant terms outlined in the Master Lease and refrains from any actions that could breach any of its clauses or conditions.

7. Smoking Policy

The Sublessee is strictly prohibited from smoking within the premises of the leased property. This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes, and other smoking devices. The Sublessor agrees to provide information on lead paint hazards.

8. Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed on the Premises without the express written consent of the Sublessor. If approved, the Sublessee agrees to comply with all pet-related rules and regulations, including additional pet deposits if required.

9. Alterations and Improvements

The Sublessee is not allowed to make any changes or additions to the building or property without getting written permission from the Sublessor beforehand. If the Sublessee does make any alterations, they automatically become the property of the Sublessor unless there is a written agreement between the Landlord, Sublessor, and Sublessee stating otherwise. These alterations must remain on the property even after the Sublease ends, whether upon expiration or earlier termination.

10. Master Lease

The Sublessee acknowledges that this Sublease is governed by the terms of the Lease Agreement between the Sublessor and the Landlord dated (Date) (“Master Lease”). A copy of the Master Lease is attached and considered an integral part of this Agreement. Accordingly, the Sublessee agrees to adhere to and be bound by the rules specified in the Master Lease whenever applicable. Additionally, the Sublessee decides to take on all of the Sublessor’s legal obligations under the Master Lease to the extent permitted by law.

11. Landlord’s Consent

This Sublease is contingent upon obtaining the Landlord’s approval. If the Sublessor fails to secure the Landlord’s consent, this Sublease will be null and void, having no legal validity.

12. Maintenance and Repairs

The Sublessee agrees to maintain the Premises in good condition throughout the term of this Sublease. This includes regular cleaning, keeping the property free from damage, and promptly reporting any maintenance issues or necessary repairs to the Sublessor.

The Sublessor will promptly handle necessary repairs to maintain the Premises' safety and habitability within a reasonable timeframe. However, the Sublessee shall be held responsible for repair costs caused by their actions or negligence and for repairs resulting from violations of this Agreement.

13. Early Termination

The Sublessee can terminate this Sublease at any time by giving written notice of at least (Number of Days) days to the Sublessor and an early termination fee of $(Amount). Throughout the notice period for termination, the Sublessee will continue to be responsible for paying the rent.

14. Default

Suppose the Sublessor breaches this Sublease, the Sublessee has the right to seek legal remedies as the law allows.

On the other hand, if the Sublessee fails to comply with significant provisions of this Sublease (excluding the rent payment obligation), violates any rules set by the Sublessor, or neglects responsibilities mandated by law, the Sublessor can terminate this Sublease.

This termination can occur (Number of Days) days after providing written notice specifying the breach and the intent to terminate. In case of non-payment of rent, if the default persists for (Number of Days) days, the Sublessor may, at their discretion, demand immediate payment of the entire outstanding rent or take legal actions as permitted by law.

15. Abandonment

Suppose the Sublessee vacates the premises for more than (Number of Days, typically 14) without prior written notice to the Sublessor. The Sublessor may consider the property abandoned. In such a case, the Sublessor has the right to repossess the premises. The Sublessor will give the Sublessee at least (Number of Days) notice before entering the premises unless it's not practical to do so.

If the premises are abandoned, the Sublessor can re-let the property or end this Sublease. Sublessee shall be held responsible for any deficiency between the rent that would have been payable under this Sublease during the unexpired term.

Suppose the Sublessee leaves any personal property on the Property after the termination of this Sublease. In that case, the Sublessor shall consider it abandoned. In such cases, the Sublessor can dispose of any personal property in any way they see fit and is not liable for taking such actions.

16. Disputes

Suppose a dispute occurs between the parties during the term of this Sublease. The parties agree to negotiate amongst themselves before any litigation.

17. Liability

At the end of the Term of this Sublease, the Sublessee agrees to return the Property and all included items in the same condition it was received, except for reasonable wear and tear. The Sublessee will be held responsible for any damage to the Property beyond ordinary wear and tear. The Sublessee shall be responsible for all actions conducted by any guests. They shall assume entire liability for any damages caused by them.

18. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed, construed, and enforced following the laws of the State of New York.

19. Entire Agreement

This Sublease and any attached documents constitute the Agreement between the Sublessor and Sublessee regarding the Property and the building facilities. No verbal agreements, understandings, promises, or representations between the Parties affect this Sublease. Any previous discussions or agreements between the parties related to the Property hold no weight. They cannot be used to interpret this Sublease. Any changes or deals related to this Sublease are only valid if both Parties explicitly agree in writing.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, both Parties have agreed to the provisions of this Agreement as of the day and year set forth below.







Sublease Agreement NYC

Used 4,872 times

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