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Travel Proposal Template


PandaTip: If you are travel agency, please check our Travel Agency Template.


This letter is intended to serve as my travel request for the upcoming [EVENT NAME OR DESCRIPTION] being held in [LOCATION] between [DATE] and [DATE]. As the [EVENT NAME] is free to all employees of [COMPANY NAME], the travel expense is the only cost, while participation in [EVENT NAME] will yield significant value to the organization by providing me with the expertise to be able to [DESCRIBE].  

PandaTip: As is evident from the sample language above and below, a travel proposal/request often requires some kind of justification or business case/proposal. Essentially, you want to persuade your manager that the benefits associated with the travel more than outweigh the costs.  This will allow your manager to justify the cost of the trip.

The training provided at [EVENT NAME] is directly applicable to [DESCRIBE], and as such, it will better enable me to [DESCRIBE]. Many of the topics to be covered are [DESCRIBE].

The below table shows the estimated expenses associated with this travel, with the trip dates from [DATE] to [DATE].

PandaTip: Provide words for how you came up with the estimate in the comments blocks below.

Description Estimate Cost Comments/Backup
Hotel [$] Based on attached quotes from [HOTEL]
Rental Car [$]
Meals & Incidentals [$]
Airfare [$]
Parking [$]
Taxi [$]

Attached is additional backup for the estimates above.  

Thank you for your consideration.






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