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Consultancy Agreement Template UK

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Consultancy Agreement

designed to help UK consultants accelerate their document signing process

Consultancy agreement prepared for:


Consultancy agreement created by:



This agreement is created to facilitate, govern, and legally maintain the business relationship between [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company].

The agreement, dated [Signing.Date] is made between [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company], whom hereby agree as follows:

Within this specific consultancy and services agreement, “client” refers to the party signing to work with the consultant or consultancy group within this specific circumstance.

Within this specific consultancy and services agreement, “consultant” means the consultant within the agreement. Whereas, the “consultancy services” thereby reflect those services provided by the consultant in this agreement.

By signing the agreement, the company agrees to work with and maintain a business relationship with the [Sender.Company] in order to receive consulting services as designated and defined in this agreement.

By signing this agreement, both [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company] agree to the contract, as well as the relationship necessary to provide the services that are specific to this term of agreement – each agrees to perform their duties listed within this agreement to the best of their abilities while maintaining said relationship. 

Consultancy: Terms and Scope 

By signing this consultancy agreement, the consultant and the company [Client.Company] agree to the terms and scope of the agreement to start on {Start.Date} and expects to end on {Complete.Date}, which include: 

  • Performing consultant duties to the best of his or her ability, all while observing the directions and restrictions the client imposes within the scope of consultancy;
  • Deliver comprehensive reports that reflect Client’s full profile and background;
  • Regularly update reports, reviews, and consultant portfolios as agreed upon by the client and consultant; 
  • Provide strategic, regular guidance and strategy to the Client within the scope of consultancy, including intellectual property, specified matters, and status; 
  • Report back regularly with requested deliverables;
  • Maintain confidentiality agreement as it pertains to data protection, deliverables, confidential information, company secrets, intellectual property, etc.

Description of Consulting Services

The [Client.Company] hereby retains the [Sender.Company] to render the following services:

(i) [Description]

(ii) [Description]

(iii) [Description]

[Sender.Company] will provide the services agreed upon in the time allotted in order to properly perform their duties in agreement with this contract. Consultant agrees to provide the previous services, which are thereby pursuant to the client to the completion of this designated agreement. 

Independent Contractor: Fees, Hours, & Obligations

By signing this agreement, both [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company] recognise and acknowledge [Sender.Company] as an independent contractor, otherwise referred to as a freelancer, at all times. [Sender.Company] is entirely responsible for all financial responsibilities to their own employees, vendors, and other creditors.

[Client.Company] will not be held liable for debts, financial liabilities, nor is [Client.Company] deemed agent, independent contractor, employee, or partner of [Sender.Company] at any time.

This agreement is an employment contract where [Sender.Company] is required to work at least [number of days/hours/weeks] for the duration of the agreement in its entirety in the locations as agreed upon by both parties and adhering to governing law.

By signing, both [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company] have agreed upon pre-determining days, hours, and locations in advance.

By signing, both [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company] have determined an agreed-upon rate for [Sender.Company] throughout the duration of this consulting agreement. As an independent contractor, the consultant recognises that the company [Client.Company] is not responsible for a national insurance policy, which the consultant will be obligated to pay by the requirement of English law.
[Client.Company] and [Sender.Company] have determined a fee at the rate [Rate] per day payable on a (monthly/weekly) basis within (number) of days [Client.Company] receives incurred invoice.


By signing this agreement, [Sender.Company] is legally mandated to either during or after the termination of the consultancy agreement to communicate or divulge any secret or piece of confidential information to any other person, persons, or groups.

[Sender.Company] is restricted from using [Client.Company] data, whether such information is confidential or otherwise, for his or her own purposes or for any other purposes that aren’t directly related to the welfare of the [Client.Company].

This consulting agreement includes confidentiality that protects the intellectual property rights of the company [Client.Company]


This agreement hereby states that both [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company] have the authority that’s legally necessary to enter into this binding agreement with each other.

Signatures on this page from [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company] are reflective of their employers and are legally authorised to mutually enter into this contractual agreement on behalf of their employers.

Signature, Agreement, & Acceptance 

The terms of this consultancy agreement between [Client.Company] and  [Sender.Company] shall be enacted and legally recognised for the period of [Agreement.Years] years.

This document, when signed by both [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company], represents the entire legal agreement between both parties. In addition, no other promises, agreements, understandings – whether written or verbal – will be upheld. With both signatures on this contract, the entirety of this agreement has been upheld between [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company].

By signing, both parties agree to enforce and uphold the full terms of this agreement until its expiry or termination of this agreement by both parties.  









Consultancy Agreement Template UK

Used 5,886 times

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