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Demand for Payment Letter Template

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This Demand for Payment Letter Template, along with the introduction required when making a demand to a debtor. This free, downloadable template provides all the information you need for your letter of demand for payment, which should make it easier for you to create your own template.

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Demand for Payment Letter Template

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[Debtor.StreetAddress], [Debtor.City], [Debtor.State]

[Debtor.Country], [Debtor.PostalCode]


Re: DEMAND FOR PAYMENT LETTER – (indicate if first/second/final warning for additional attention)

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. [Debtor.LastName],

Good day!

We are writing this letter to inform you that a payment amounting to (amount in figures) in (currency) has been pending on your end up to this writing; we are waiting for you to settle as we have not received any payment from your end since your due date last (due date: day – month – year) so that a daily unpaid balance must be charged a late payment fee of (percentage the creditor wants to charge for unpaid balance). The payment has been outstanding for (number of days from the due date).

We would like to draw your attention as we will be formally requesting our legal department for collection procedures, and we will be more than willing to pursue the amount due by you along with all the charges incurred, including legal fees, late payment fees, and interest charges, until the said amount is paid in full.

To avoid any further expenses and a court appearance, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity to pay your outstanding balance along with all current charges.

Upon receiving this demand for payment letter, you are obligated to respond and acknowledge it within 24-48 hours, as this letter may be presented in court as evidence if you fail to pay again.

We would like you to resolve this matter which is why we are providing you options to pay for your outstanding balance in another payment schedule, in installments, or in full payment; see below the schedule for your reference:

  1. Details below if you opt to pay in full:

    Amount Due: (amount in figures)

    Due Date: (Month- date – year)

    We would like to grant you a discount of (amount in figures) should the outstanding balance be settled in (month- date – year).

  2. Details below if you opt to pay in installments:

    Terms: (indicate how many months the term for installment)

    Amount: (amount in figures)

    Due Dates: (to be paid on a monthly basis)

    • (month 1)

    • (month 2)

    • (month 3)

    • (month 4)

    • (month 5)

Should there be no response to this letter, we will proceed to take legal action without further notice.

We are hoping for your compliance as we would like to resolve this matter with you.






Demand for Payment Letter Template

Used 4,876 times

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