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Domestic Partnership Agreement

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To aid those who are in committed relationships but are not married, this domestic partnership agreement was created. Right now, download your free copy.

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Domestic Partnership Agreement Template

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[Partner B.FirstName]

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This agreement is entered into by and between [PartnerA.FirstName][PartnerA.LastName], hereinafter referred to as "Partner A", and [Partner B.FirstName][Partner B.LastName]​, hereinafter referred to as "Partner B".

This agreement establishes the rights and responsibilities of the parties in their domestic partnership. It includes provisions related to parenting, taking care of each other in the event one partner becomes ill or incapacitated, and other matters that the partners feel are important.

In order to enter this agreement, both parties must be legally able to make contracts and understand this document's terms.

The specific rights and responsibilities outlined in this agreement will remain in effect until either party amends or terminates it.

The parties agree to abide by the terms of this agreement and affirm that it is valid and enforceable by the laws of [PartnerA.State].

Property Division

In the event of a dissolution or breakup of this domestic partnership, both parties agree to divide all property and assets equitably. This may include joint bank accounts, investments, real estate holdings, and other possessions.

Child Custody

The parties acknowledge they are the parents of (insert name of child or children) and agree to their joint legal and physical custody. If one party is unable to care for the children, the other party will assume primary responsibility for their care and well-being.

Financial Support

Both parties agree to contribute a portion of their income toward the financial support of the household. This may include paying rent or mortgage, utilities, and other bills and contributing towards groceries and other basic needs.

Additionally, both parties agree to provide health insurance coverage for each other, should it be required by law or otherwise appropriate.

Medical Decision-making

If one party becomes incapacitated, the other party will be authorized to make medical decisions on their behalf. This includes access to all medical records and information as needed. In case of terminal illness or other end-of-life circumstances, both parties agree to work together to determine the wishes and desires of the incapacitated party.

Debts and Assets

The parties acknowledge they are each responsible for their debts and assets, and they agree to be transparent about the status of these items from time to time. In the event of a dispute or disagreement regarding debt or asset management, the parties agree to seek assistance from a mediator or legal professional to resolve the issue fairly and equitably.

Domestic Duties

Each party agrees to take a fair and equitable share of domestic responsibilities, including cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household tasks. If one or both parties are unable to fulfill these duties due to disability or illness, they will make every effort to find alternative arrangements with the assistance of a professional care provider.

End of Partnership

This agreement may be terminated at any time, by either party, with written notice to the other party. In the event of dissolution or termination of this domestic partnership, all financial and parenting obligations will remain in effect until a final settlement has been reached.


The parties acknowledge that they are in a domestic partnership and agree to always act in the best interests of their family and relationship. They further agree to resolve disagreements through open communication and cooperation, considering each party's unique needs, goals, and contributions to the partnership. They may revise this agreement at any time with mutual consent.

We agree to abide by the terms of this domestic partnership agreement and acknowledge that any breach of these terms may be subject to legal action. Signed on this (insert date) day of (insert month), (insert year) by:




[Partner B.FirstName][Partner B.LastName]

Domestic Partnership Agreement

Used 4,994 times

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