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Content Brief Template

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Streamline your content creation process with our concise Content Brief Template.

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Content Brief Template

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Who is this post for?

(Mention here all the relevant categories and the target audience that may read your post)

For example:

  • Age group: (30-40, Millennials, Gen Z, 65+)

  • Gender: (Male, Female, Both)

  • Income: (List desired income range here)

  • Job title: (Describe here, e.g., Managers, Business owners)

  • Location: (For example, North America, Europe, Global, etc.)\

Jobs to be Done

  • Detailed research of the topic/industry/niche

  • Manage and organize content production

  • Ensuring a smooth writing process

  • Take help where required and keep the content in control

  • Create SEO-friendly content

  • Making sure to grab the attention of the readers throughout


The content should persuade the audience to get or try the (service or product) after reading the article.


The content should educate the audience on a particular topic, product, service, or industry.



[Product.Company] aims to provide the [Product.Title] to help the end user. Founded in (month/year), [Product.Company] aims to make a mark in the industry with its excellent customer service and quality to offer.


  • Create hype around the product/service and help people understand its benefits

  • Build affiliation and trust with the brand to compel the audience to spend their money on the brand’s products only

Brand’s angle

A [Product.Title] helps the user to (list the benefits of your product or service).

Additional Insights/data

We will use the content to add a few pro tips to your content. We might also approach a few content marketers to share their information on the best (product or service).

Things to Avoid

When writing for [Product.Company], avoid the following terms:

  • (First term)

  • (Second term)

  • (Third term)

  • (Add as many bullet points as you have terms to avoid.)


Primary Keywords

(List all primary keywords with volume in the USA and worldwide.)

Secondary Keywords

(List all secondary keywords with volume in the USA and worldwide.)

Search Intent

This article should help people end their search for the best (product or service) available.


(Mention the format, such as blog or template.)

Word Count

(Give the total word count for the assignment)

Point of view

(First Person, Second Person, or Third Person)


(US, UK, etc.)

Competing articles

(links to competitors’ articles)

Research Links

(Links to websites with the same information)

Internal links

(list of links from the client’s website)

Anchor Text

(product or service)


(Mood Implied by the types of words used by the writer to evoke their perspectives)

Visual Content

(Mention whether the writer should add keyword-supporting images or not)

On-page Checklist

  • Url should contain the primary keyword

  • Meta description and title should have the primary keyword

  • The keyword should be part of the first 100 words

  • Content should be valuable and competitive

  • (Include additional SEO best practices)


Intro (Requirement for Total Words)

  • Explain how this content will help the reader

  • Use the following keywords: (include your keywords or keyphrases here)

  • Include a stat where possible

H2: What is (Insert your content topic here)? (Total words required)

  • Explain the product in detail

  • Highlight its use

  • Mention any real-life examples

Benefits of using this product or service (Total words required)

  • Write down as many benefits as you can find

  • Add in a few drawbacks for a balanced content

Things to consider (Total words required)

  • Mention the various things to consider when buying the mentioned product or service

Top (Product/Service) (Total words required)

  • List a few (top products/services) and write a little about each. Keep the brand’s product on top.

  • Conclude with a summary and a CTA

Frequently Asked Questions

(List down a few questions commonly asked by readers and their answers)





Content Brief Template

Used 4,882 times

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