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Employee Recognition Template

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This Employee Recognition Template can be used as a permitted document or note detailing the employee's achievements and subsidies. Just use your copy today.

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Employee Recognition Template

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Dear [Receiver.FirstName][Receiver.LastName],

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your hard work. We want to use this moment to recognize your achievements and efforts. Your tenured service in [Sender.Company] has laid the foundation for the future of this company.

When you first started, we noticed an exceptional amount of development and growth. You continuously put your best foot forward on tasks and projects, and we appreciate your commitment to our organization and your job. You possess all the qualities a [Receiver.Title] must have, and this was especially clear on the (project name) (add something specific, like what they did on the project or how they performed). Thanks to you, our organization has (mention an achievement, like top in the state).

We’ve also noticed the significant impact you’ve had on your team members. From the very first day, you were attentive, grasped concepts quickly, and always did your best to go above and beyond on projects.

For example, in (project name), you were able to (add something specific, like recognizing a problem in your templates or branding proposal). This (catch or inclusion) showed incredible leadership on your part. You truly supported us when we needed it.

Our project was a massive hit with (client or employer), so much so that they (considered doing business with us or were happy to sign a contract immediately). We wouldn’t have been able to get that (contract, project, or client) without you.

Before that, I had worked with you previously as a (receiver's current or previous position), so I instantly knew you could handle more challenging projects. It always seemed like you could adjust to your (new role or clients) with ease. Not only that, but you always offered superb customer service to your (clients or customers), which made you a top pick for a (new promotion or project).

Working with you in (department) has been a pleasure. Your expertise allowed us to notice (customer pain points). In particular, I (add something specific, like what they did on the project or how they performed). Your impact will be visible across the company for years to come.

However, it isn’t all about your work performance. We’ve noticed that (add something specific, like how team members come to them for questions, which shows they’re trustworthy).

We also appreciate (add something specific, like how they joined a club or helped out on other projects). All these actions show you value our cultural mottos of (value 1) and (value 2).

From helping us with (add something specific, like creating anniversary rewards or tips) to improving (add something specific, like engagement in the company or document samples), you’ve always made an effort to contribute to the company's success. We can’t thank you enough for how much you’ve helped us, other employees, and fellow team members.

To show thanks, we wanted to offer you a reward. (In the next sentence, mention a reward, like a check or extra time off). We hope you continue to inspire your team members throughout your tenure.

Once again, thank you for contributing, supporting and bringing your best every day. It’s been a privilege to work with you during the last year, and I’m looking forward to our next exciting chapter together.

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Employee Recognition Template

Used 4,891 times

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