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Equipment Purchase Proposal Template

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Equipment Purchase Proposal Template

Prepared by:[Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName][Sender.Company]

Prepared for:[Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]​ ​[Client.Company]

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We are proud to put forth this proposal for [Client.Company]’s purchase of equipment from [Sender.Company]. We are well aware of the multitude of vendors for equipment purchases that you have available to you, and greatly appreciate the chance you’ve given us to earn your business.

We are extremely proud of the equipment we create, the relationships we build, and the value we add to each business we have worked with in the past. As you will find throughout our equipment purchase proposal, we only supply the best quality, well-maintained equipment, and our products meet all the highest safety standards.

This proposal has several key sections, which you’re encouraged to review thoroughly before adding your signature on the last page. To return to a specific section in the proposal, simply click the desired link in the table of contents located near the beginning of the proposal document.

  • A brief introduction to our business

  • A response to your request for proposal

  • An executive summary of the proposal

  • The equipment requirements

  • The proposed equipment and models

  • Suggestions for optional coverage for this equipment

  • The pricing breakdown for the proposed equipment and suggested coverage

  • The proposed terms and conditions for the sale

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At [Sender.Company], we look forward to a long-term association with [Client.Company]. It would be our utmost pleasure to work together and collaborate in the near future, and come to a conclusive agreement that will benefit both our companies. We hope this equipment proposal meets your requirements and removes all our doubt about which vendor to choose. Our team eagerly awaits your decision to allow [Sender.Company] to fulfill your equipment needs.




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Executive Summary

The proposal is created to answer your inquiry of equipment purchase. In this proposal, you will find details about our company and team members, client testimonials, information on equipment requirements, our proposed equipment models, safety standards we adhere to, insurance and coverage of our equipment, price of products, and the subsequent terms and conditions of the agreement.

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Our Company

Our company was founded in (Year) under the inspiring leadership of (Founder.Name). Today, we supply our equipment to over (Number) companies and only provide the best equipment available. Our equipment has been used in projects such as (input project names). Our mission at [Sender.Company] is to ensure we meet all necessary safety and quality standards, and provide our clients with the best possible experience.


Our team always strives to go above and beyond, ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with the equipment provided to them. Here are a few of our references from satisfied clients that let you know you’re getting nothing but the best when you work with us.

Testimonial #1

[Sender.Company] helped me with equipment that I needed for a construction job. Their equipment met the safety standards required by our contractor and it was a breeze to get the processes completed. Their equipment was excellent and efficiently got the job done.

(Client1.FirstName) (Client1.LastName)


Testimonial #2

(Client2.FirstName) (Client2.LastName)


Testimonial #3

(Client3.FirstName) (Client3.LastName)


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Our Team

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are creative, collaborative, highly knowledgeable about the equipment we provide and ready for any challenge with a positive attitude.

Portrait of a manager from the company's team


Role: Manager

(Manager Name) has worked in the industry for (Number) years. Over that time, she has gained an abundance of experience when it comes to sourcing and testing equipment to ensure that that our clients get nothing but the best for their equipment needs.

Portrait of Associate from the company's team


Role: Associate

(Associate.Name) is a quick thinker and one of the brightest minds [Sender.Company] has. As an associate, (Associate.Name) has always ensured we are up to date on our equipment technology and provide our customer with the best experience possible.

Portrait of Client Representative from the company's team


Role: Client Representative

(Representative.Name) is our head of client servicing — aka every client’s favorite go-to man. With (X+) years of experience in sales and client relations, there’s no one better than (Representative.Name) to be your account manager. For any and all queries and needs, feel free to reach out to him.

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Equipment Requirements

As previously discussed, [Client.Company] has expressed a need for the following equipment types and requirements mentioned below:

Equipment type

This item should include the following features and capabilities:

  • Equipment requirement

  • Equipment requirement

  • Equipment requirement

Equipment type

This item should include the following features and capabilities:

  • Equipment requirement

  • Equipment requirement

  • Equipment requirement

Equipment type

This item should include the following features and capabilities:

  • Equipment requirement

  • Equipment requirement

  • Equipment requirement

Illustration of a hand with a pen ticking a list of equipment requirements
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Proposed Equipment Models

[Sender.Company] offers the following equipment to meet your stated needs along with the requirements for that equipment that we would be able to provide:

Equipment model A

Key Features

  • Equipment feature

  • Equipment feature

  • Equipment feature

  • Equipment feature

Model Description

  • Equipment description

  • Warranty

  • Equipment warranty

Equipment model B

Key Features

  • Equipment feature

  • Equipment feature

  • Equipment feature

  • Equipment feature

Model Description

  • Equipment description

  • Warranty

  • Equipment warranty

Equipment model C

Key Features

  • Equipment feature

  • Equipment feature

  • Equipment feature

  • Equipment feature

Model Description

  • Equipment description

  • Warranty

  • Equipment warranty

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Equipment Safety Standards

Our company takes safety standards very seriously — it's our no.1 priority to ensure that our products are up to the mark so that our clients are happy and satisfied with their quality. We adhere to all international safety standards set by OSHA, Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations, AS/NZS ISO, IS Code, ISEA, EESS, and more.

Our products pass regular and stringent checks at our manufacturing centers to ensure that safety laws set by each country and its subsequent equipment safety organizations are met.

For our United States customers, our company complies with all the necessary ANSI B11 standards for equipment. The list of equipment standards we comply with is as follows:

ANSI B11.1 – Safety Requirements for Mechanical Power Presses

ANSI B11.2 – Safety Requirements for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Presses

ANSI B11.3 – Safety Requirements for Power Press Brakes

ANSI B11.4 – Safety Requirements for Shears

ANSI B11.5 – Iron Workers – Safety Requirements for Construction, Care and Use

ANSI B11.6 – Safety Requirements for Manual Turning Machines

ANSI B11.7 – Safety Requirements for Cold Headers and Cold Formers

ANSI B11.8 – Safety Requirements for Manual Milling, Drilling, and Boring Machines

ANSI B11.9 – Safety Requirements for Grinding Machines

ANSI B11.10 – Safety Requirements for Metal Sawing Machines

ANSI B11.11 – Safety Requirements for Gear & Spline Cutting Machines

ANSI B11.12 – Safety Requirements for Roll Forming and Roll Bending Machines

ANSI B11.13 – Safety Requirements for Single or Multiple Spindle Automatic Bar and Chucking Machines

ANSI B11.15 – Safety Requirements for Pipe, Tube and Shape Bending Machines

ANSI B11.16 – Safety Requirements for Metal Powder Compacting Presses

ANSI B11.17 – Safety Requirements for Horizontal Hydraulic Extrusion Presses

ANSI B11.18 – Safety Requirements for Machines Processing or Slitting Coiled or Non-Coiled Metal (this standard includes the requirements from the 1996 B11.14, which has been withdrawn)

ANSI B11.19 – Safeguarding Design, Construction, Installation, Operation, Maintenance

ANSI B11.20 – Safety Requirements for Integrated Manufacturing Systems

ANSI B11.21 – Safety Requirements for Machine Tools Using a Laser for Processing Materials

ANSI B11.22 – Safety Requirements for Numerically Controlled Turning Machines

ANSI B11.23 – Safety Requirements for Machining Centers

ANSI B11.24 – Safety Requirements for Transfer Machines

ANSI B11.25 – Safety Requirements for Large Machines

ANSI B11.TR1 – Ergonomic Guidelines for the Design, Installation and Use of Machine Tools

ANSI B11.TR2 – Mist Control Considerations for the Design, Installation and Use of Machine Tools Using Metalworking Fluids

ANSI B11.TR4- Selection of Programmable Electronic Systems (PES/PLC) for Machine Tools

ANSI B11.TR5 – Sound Level Measurement Guidelines: A Guide for Measuring, Evaluating and Documenting Sound Levels Emitted by Machinery

ANSI B11.TR7 – Designing for Safety and Lean Manufacturing — A guide on integrating safety and lean manufacturing principles in the use of machinery

ANSI B11.TR9 – Guidance to Machinery Manufacturers for Consideration of Related IT-Security (Cyber Security) Aspects

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Available Optional Coverage

[Sender.Company] offers optional extended maintenance coverage for all purchased equipment. This optional coverage will provide [Client.Company] with peace of mind in the event of unforeseen equipment failure.

Be sure to peruse our plans and see if any of them will fit your company so that we may provide you with the best service and experience when purchasing equipment from our company.

Key Coverage Features

This package is perfect for companies who are serious about supporting events and creating great visibility for their brands.

  • Silver Perk

  • Silver Perk

  • Silver Perk

Full Coverage Details

Optional coverage details

Image 27
Image 28


The table below includes pricing for the above listed equipment, including:

  • Equipment model 1

  • Equipment model 2

  • Equipment model 3

Below each equipment’s line item is an associated line item for optional extended maintenance coverage. To include this optional service in your proposal’s final price, simply click the check-box to the left of each desired extended coverage line item.





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are the proposed terms [Sender.Company] offers for the sale of the equipment outlined above. These terms and conditions are subject to negotiation.

1. Payment Terms

1.1 Invoicing and Payment. Payment shall be made to [Sender.Company] in two parts. [Client.Company] shall pay (Number) % of total costs as a down payment due 15 days from the proposal acceptance date. [Client.Company] shall pay the remaining invoice amount on or before the agreed-upon shipment date.

1.2 Overdue Payments. If any invoiced amount is not received by the due date, [Sender.Company] reserves the right to halt manufacture and shipment of ordered equipment until payment has been received. [Sender.Company] will not ship the equipment until payment in full has been received.

2. Limitation of Liability

[Sender.Company] shall not be held individually liable for any damages resulting from a third party’s breach of fiduciary duty unless it can be shown that [Sender.Company] has acted with intentional misconduct, fraud, or knowing violation of the law.

3. Termination

This proposal shall become an effective contract upon signature by both parties and shall continue until terminated by either party upon written notice to either party at least (Number) calendar days prior.

4. Shipment and Delivery

The shipments shall be delivered FOB to the delivery point specified by [Client.Company], with shipment at [Client.Company]’s direction and expense. [Sender.Company] shall not be held liable for late equipment arrival so long as it is shipped within (Number) days of proposal acceptance. Orders may be delivered by [Sender.Company] in partial shipments. The purchased equipment titles shall vest upon receipt of payment.

5. Warranties

[Sender.Company] warrants that for a period of one year following the equipment shipment date:

  • The equipment will perform according to [Sender.Company]’s published specifications

  • The equipment will be free from defects in workmanship and material

During the one-year period following the equipment shipment date, [Sender.Company] will provide, at no charge to [Client.Company], corrections, repairs, or replacements to the equipment within 30 calendar days of receiving notice of defects in material or workmanship.

Unless [Client.Company] should choose to purchase additional warranties, there are no warranties that extend beyond the description set forth above. Upon purchase of additional coverage, the purchased coverage supersedes and replaces this warranty.

6. Patent indemnity

If any equipment manufactured by [Sender.Company] and furnished under this agreement is to be made in accordance with manufacturing specifications, samples, or drawings provided by [Client.Company], [Client.Company] agrees to hold [Sender.Company] harmless from any and all costs, expenses, and damages relating to any claim arising from the equipment or claims that the equipment infringes on any patents, foreign or domestic.

7. General

Any and all modifications or additions to this agreement must be written and signed by both parties.

This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of [Sender.State], excluding any conflict of laws and principles.

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Proposal Approval

Once you’ve thoroughly reviewed each page of this proposal and selected any desired extended maintenance coverage above, simply affix your electronic signature below. We will be notified of your selections and approval, and will contact you to coordinate payment and delivery.






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Equipment Purchase Proposal Template

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