Eviction Notice Templates

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Eviction Notice Templates

What is an Eviction Notice? 

The initial terms of the rental agreement can be breached at any point. So an owner may require a legal document to formally inform the tenant about expulsion. An eviction notice explains the reason for that, states penalties involved and the terms when the premises must be vacated. 

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When You Can Use an Eviction Notice 

Breaching the lease means removing a renter from an apartment. A rental contract may involve an endless number of requirements. So there can be more than enough reasons for expulsion:

  • One or more missed rental payments;
  • Purposeful damage to the rental premises;
  • Causing a nuisance or breaking the law;
  • Illegal activities taking place in or near the building (e.g. noise or drug use);
  • Breach of neighbourhood regulations.

Eviction notice is the last step in problem-solving. If both parties don’t agree on the details, they have to face litigation. Interestingly, a tenant can use the property until the court hearing.

Eviction Notice Templates by Type

The reason for removal determines the paper format. The primary types include:

Lease Violation

The lease or rental agreement always comes with certain rules for both parties. For example, the renter isn’t allowed to park his car on the grass, leave rubbish near the door, and turn on loud music during late hours. But there is a certain amount of time to fix a problem. State laws vary greatly on this subject matter, so be sure that you know the rules before submitting a notice for eviction of the tenant.

Eviction Notice Template

Eviction Notice Template

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This eviction notice template could also be known as Pay Rent or Quit Notices (“Failure to Pay Rent”), Cure or Quit Notices (“Lease Violation”) or Unconditional Quit Notices (“Ending a Month-to-Month Tenancy” or “Holdover Tenant”).

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Roommate Eviction Notice Template

Roommate Eviction Notice Template

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Efficiently address roommate eviction with our comprehensive and customizable template, simplifying the process and ensuring legal compliance.

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Failure to Pay Rent

A missed payment is the most typical eviction ground. In some states, tenants are obliged to pay their rent on time to avoid consequences. In other states, the owner must provide a 3-to-7-day notice to the renter to pay or leave the place. Both parties must be familiar with the local law to make their relationship go smoothly. The amount owed should not involve any late utility payments or any extra charges related to the lease.

Unconditional Quit Notices

The renter doesn’t make payment on time or breaches other points from the contract. This is the reason enough to terminate the agreement. Based on the state, the owner must send a notice to quit that requires the tenant to leave the property within 3, 5, or 30 days. Be sure to check the conditions for the amount of notice to give so that you don’t get into trouble by ending the agreement in this way.

Eviction Notice Templates By State

The document must be correctly completed and comply with rental legislation. Depending on the state of residence, different policies may apply. State law usually says how you must manage the process before the notice period officially begins.

The owner may be asked to submit up to a 30 day eviction notice template to proceed. Or he may be allowed to commence expulsion straightaway without any notice. The owner may deliver the notice himself. Or he can hire a certified server to do the delivery for them. With so many nuances, it is essential to write and file the notice according to your state requirements.

How to Fill in a Sample of Eviction Notice?

Eviction notices must be completed correctly, so a tenant couldn’t sue the landlord in court. Using a notice of eviction template can help you do everything right from the very beginning. Make sure to include the following details:

  • Tenant’s full name and physical address. Specify the name and address at the top of the document. Provide the contact data originally indicated in the rental contract.
  • Landlord’s full name and physical address. Indicate the name and address at the top of the document. Provide the contact data initially stated in the rental contract.
  • Problem explanation. Clarify the reason for the removal decision. Be as specific as possible to make your explanation valid. Make sure it corresponds to the initial agreement.
  • Expulsion location. Add the actual address including the room or apartment number as well.
  • Remedy information. Ask for a remedy for the issue prior to expulsion. Mention the time frame, which must be similar to the one stated in the initial rental or lease contract.

Signature and date. Sign the letter and write a date on it. Make two copies to hang one on the door and send another one to the court to file your eviction. Do not provide the original document to the renter as it might become lost.


You can get an eviction letter in two ways. Create it from scratch or find a ready-made template, edit it properly, and download it to your device. Fortunately, PandaDoc makes it easy for everyone to pick the right sample of eviction notices. Make sure to look through the available templates online.

When creating an eviction notice, it is mandatory to include the parties involved, the removal reason, the term when the notice comes into effect and where the removal occurs. State the possible ways on how to fix the problem.

To file an eviction notice form, an owner should follow the rules implemented by the state law. A little mistake can help a tenant to challenge the expulsion and even initiate the whole process all over again. This is why an owner should check the local legislation to remove a renter correctly.

Eviction Notice Template

Eviction Notice Template
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