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Flower Shop Business Plan Template

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The Flower Shop Business Plan Template is organized to help you achieve the awareness of various investors to invest in your company.

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Flower Shop Business Plan Template

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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary

  • Company Summary

  • Products and Services

  • Market Analysis

  • Strategy and Implementations

  • Financial Plan

1. Executive Summary

[Sender.Company] is the name of a flower shop we aim to set up in [Sender.State]. The shop shall be owned by [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName]​, and here are the things that we expect it to achieve.

Mission Statement:

(Explain your flower shop’s objective)


Our mission is to develop a flower shop with a wide range of artificial and natural flowers available for sale. Furthermore, we wish to sell our flowers at an affordable price for the people of [Sender.City].

Vision Statement:

(Highlight the business’ vision)


Our vision is to create a brand that fulfills all the demands of people looking for the best flowers in their town. We also want to become a leading brand in our industry.


(Reason to start a flower shop business)


We have three main objectives:

  • Generate revenue of $1000,000 in one year

  • Sell high-quality flower arrangements for all events

  • Maintain a high margin and profit every month

Key to Success:

(Factors that may lead to success)

For instance:

  • Technology to gain clients and develop a brand image

  • Measures to create good-quality products and sell them efficiently throughout the state

Financial Summary:

(Profit Forecast for the Next Three Years)


A chart with sales, net margin, and profit.

2. Company Summary

[Sender.Company] is a family business owned by [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] has a strong business background with (Degree.Name). He also has experience in various industries such as (Name of industries).

Store Design:

(Details on the shop’s store design)


The exterior of the flower shop will have an attention-grabbing storefront to invite customers from all over the state. In addition, we wish to decorate it with the brand’s name so it can be located easily.

Store Operation:

(Details on opening and closing of the business)


The company will stay open from Monday to Saturday from 9:am to 7:pm.

Startup Summary:

(Prepare a table and chart of total startup capital and expenses)

3. Products and Services

[Sender.Company] aims to sell all kinds of flower arrangements for various occasions. It has a mission to become a profitable business by catering to clients from different walks of life.

We aim to provide the following products and services.


(Highlight all the products available with their distinct features and images)

Example: Unique Containers:

Our different vases can make every flower arrangement beautiful. The containers are designed to keep each flower in its place so it can be delivered carefully.


(Mention any flower delivery services or discount plans on offer)


We plan to offer special occasion plans for people that make more than ten purchases. In addition, this card shall provide discounts to our loyal customers, giving them all the good reasons to stay with us.

4. Market Analysis

Market Trends:

(Summarize the overall trend of the flower market)


It is imperative to build an online presence when running a flower shop business in today’s era. To ensure that our clients stay connected with our business, we aim to write weekly blogs, update our Instagram profile daily, and send frequent emails as reminders.

Target Market:

(People who wish to sell your products and services to)

5. Strategy and Implementations

In order to continue our growth and stay in our top game, we wish to sell flowers regardless of any hurdles. Furthermore, we aim to empower our marketing team and sales department so that they can deliver.

Here are some strategies we aim to adopt to win our customers over.

Sales Strategy:

(Plan on curating a successful sale)


We plan to sell our flowers to all types of people. Our sales strategy involves catering to busy and not-so-busy individuals to increase our revenue and profits.

Advertising Strategy:

(Summarize the marketing strategy)


Although this shop has a great location, it won’t stop us from advertising it to the fullest. We wish to create the shop’s online presence, keep the customers aware of all its offers and reach out to new clients through email marketing.

Pricing Strategy:

(Plan on the pricing of products and services)


Our products are tagged with the most competitive prices. Although we aim to sell the products on a profit margin, the overall price is affordable so that everyone can buy our flowers.

6. Financial Plan

Important Assumptions:

(Table on the financial projections like tax rate and interest rate)

Projected Profits and Losses:

(Table with projected sales, expenses, and profits for the next three years)

Projected Cash Flow:

(Design a well-estimated cash flow statement)

Projected Balance Sheet:

(Balance sheet projections for the next three years)

Business Ratios:

(Calculate ratios such as current ratio, quick ratio, profit margin ratio, return of equity, accounts payable turnover, liquidity ratios, and debt ratios)





Flower Shop Business Plan Template

Used 4,942 times

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