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Consultant Business Plan Template

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An example of a document outlining your strategy for launching or expanding your consulting firm is a Consultant Business Plan Template. The essential elements include a summary of the company, team, sector, rivals, target audience, and an operations and marketing strategy.

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Consultant Business Plan Template

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Business Overview

[Sender.Company] is led by [Manager.FirstName][Manager.LastName] who graduated from (add school and educational background if applicable) and has (number) years of experience as a business consultant in the (name) industry.

The business model [Sender.Company] uses is (describe business model, e.g., subscription, flat fees, hourly fees, etc.).

Management Team

In addition to [Manager.FirstName][Manager.LastName], [Sender.Company] has a strong management team with extensive experience in the consulting industry.

Chief Financial Officer

(CFO.FirstName) (CFO.LastName) has (number) years of experience in the consulting industry, including work experience with (companies).

Chief Operating Officer

(COO.FirstName) (COO.LastName) graduated from (school name) and has since accumulated (number) years of experience in the consulting industry. Some of his/her most prominent work experience includes stints (companies).

Chief Marketing Officer

(CMO.FirstName) (CMO.LastName) has held leadership positions at companies like (company names) and has spent (number) years achieving positive results like (positive work results).

Customer Analysis

[Sender.Company]’s target market is composed primarily of (describe your ideal client).

The demographics of these clients are as follows:

  • Businesses in (industry)

  • An average income of $(XXX,XXX)

  • Largely owner/operator

  • In business (XX) years on average

Industry Analysis

After a thorough analysis of the industry, [Sender.Company] has discovered a multitude of trends and statistics that bode well for the business, including:

  • Share some statistics that illustrate the opportunity for your business, e.g., the size of the consulting industry and your niche, the growth rate, results from surveys of your target market, the average income of consulting practices, etc.)

Competitive Analysis

[Sender.Company] will operate in an industry with multiple competitors, and these are some of the most prominent competitors that have been identified:

  • (Outline 2-3 competitors by describing their business in terms of how long they've been around, how many employees they have, and anything especially distinct about their business.)

Success Factors

[Sender.Company] is positioned to overcome its competitors because:

  • The product/service being offered has unique advantages.

  • The price point is more attractive than the standard market price.

  • The operators have extensive experience in this industry.

  • The company has relationships in place that will generate positive results.

Marketing Plan

[Sender.Company] plans to use (type of marketing strategy, e.g., paid advertising, SEO, content marketing, social media, etc.) to generate customers.

Specifically, [Sender.Company]'s marketing plan will involve executing these tasks:

  • Build a website.

  • Create SEO-friendly content.

  • Launch paid advertising campaigns.

  • Engage prospects with email marketing campaigns.

  • (Add more tasks as needed)

Operations Plan

[Sender.Company] has determined that the following departments and personnel will be essential for the success of the company:

Human Resources

[Sender.Company]'s human resources department will be critical in hiring essential talent and maintaining happy employees. The company assesses that a team of (number of full or part-time employees, contractors, etc.) will be needed.


A marketing department consisting of (number of full or part-time employees, contractors, etc.) will be needed to generate buzz and create customers for [Sender.Company].

Customer Service

[Sender.Company]'s business will involve servicing many clients, so a customer service department consisting of (number of full or part-time employees, contractors, etc.) will be important to maintain strong relationships.

Financial Plan

[Sender.Company] is seeking funding in the amount of $(amount of money) to launch and scale its business. The capital will be used primarily for (state what funding will be used for, e.g., web design, marketing, hiring employees, etc.)

Specifically, these funds will be appropriated in the following ways:

  • Web design: approximately $(amount of money)

  • Marketing: approximately $(amount of money)

  • Personnel: approximately $(amount of money)

[Sender.Company] is projecting the following financial results:

Year 1


(Add specifics)


(Add specifics)


(Add specifics)

Net income

(Add specifics)





Consultant Business Plan Template

Used 4,999 times

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