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Pet Addendum to Lease

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Make your rental property pet-friendly with our customizable Pet Addendum to Lease Template.

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Pet Addendum to Lease Template

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Pet Addendum to Lease

Date: [Document.CreatedDate]

This agreement takes place between:

  • [Landlord.FirstName] and [Landlord.LastName] who resides at [Landlord.StreetAddress], [Landlord.City], [Landlord.State][Landlord.PostalCode] ("Landlord"), and

  • [Tenant.FirstName] and [Tenant.LastName] ("Tenant")

concerning the premises located at: (Premises.Address) ("Premises"). The Premises includes the rental unit and any associated private areas, such as balconies and enclosed yards.

The Purpose of the Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is for the Landlord to permit the Tenant to keep a pet on the Premises. In addition, the Agreement contains information about the regulations to which the Tenant agrees regarding this pet.

Pets Allowed

The following domesticated animals are allowed as Pets on the Premises:

(Select the types of Pets applicable)






Dogs, except dogs, recognized as Vicious or Dangerous

Any other type of domesticated animal with the express written consent of the Landlord.

Number of pets permitted per Tenant:(insert the number of pets allowed).

Weight restriction of Pet(s): All pets must be under (insert number) pounds.

Identification of Pets

Pet 1:







License or Registration number:

Pet 2:







License or Registration number:

Registration of Pets

The Tenant must register the Pet with the Landlord for approval. In order to register a Pet, the Tenant must submit:

  • A description of the Pet

  • The Pet's license or registration number

  • A photograph of the Pet

  • The Pet's veterinarian information

  • Emergency contact for the Pet

The Tenant must notify the Landlord as soon as possible if this information changes.

Pet Deposit

For a pet to be allowed on the Premises, the following type of fee is required:

(Check one)

A refundable pet deposit

A non-refundable pet deposit

The fee amount is (insert dollar amount) (insert "per pet" or "total").

Refundable pet deposits will be reimbursed upon completion of the Lease and an inspection of the property for any pet-related damages.

Regulations for Pets

In order for the Pet to be allowed to reside on the Premises, the Tenant agrees to:

(Check all that apply)

Maintain responsibility for the Pet at all times.

Take measures to ensure that the Pet does not become a nuisance to other tenants, such as causing excessive noise or being aggressive.

Keep the Pet on a leash or in a carrier and under control at all times in common areas.

Not leave the Pet unattended for an extended length of time.

Keep the Pet out of any restricted common areas.

Clean up after the Pet.

Promptly treat any infestations such as fleas and ticks and inform the Landlord of these pests.

Keep the Pet under control or remove the Pet from the Premises when the Landlord requires personnel to enter the Premises for inspection or maintenance.

Consent to inspections to assess for Pet damage to the Premises.

Follow all municipal bylaws that apply to the Pet and maintain proper licensing or registration consistent with bylaws.

Ensure the Pet has a proper identification tag.

Maintain regular veterinary care and vaccinations for the Pet.

Pay the Landlord immediately for any damage caused by the Pet.

Not allow additional pets on the premises beyond the Pets listed in "Identification of Pets."

Removal of Pets

The Landlord may order Pets to be removed from the Premises or the Lease Agreement may end under the following circumstances:

(Check all that apply)

The Tenant fails to follow the agreements listed under "Regulations for Pets."

The Tenant fails to care properly for the Pet.

The Pet causes excessive noise that affects the other tenants or residents.

The Pet bites or acts aggressively toward other tenants, the pets of other tenants, or guests.

The Tenant fails to properly rectify any infestations of pests, such as fleas.


(Select one)

The Tenant agrees to obtain and maintain Renter's Insurance that provides coverage for any damage or injury caused by their pet. The coverage should be at least $(insert amount) and list the Landlord as an additional insured. The Tenant must provide proof of this insurance to the Landlord.

The Tenant is not required to maintain Renter's Insurance that provides coverage for damage or injury caused by pets.


The Tenant is responsible for any damage caused by the Pets listed under "Identification of Pets" to the Premises and common areas within the property. The Tenant is also responsible for any injury caused by the Pet to other tenants, guests, and pets. The Landlord holds no liability for damage or injury caused by the Pet.






Pet Addendum to Lease

Used 4,873 times

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