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Pet Custody Agreement

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This article outlines the comprehensive maintenance schedule for pets that once resided with roommates or couples but are now living with just one partner. No matter what species, the Pet Custody Agreement applies to all home pets.

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Pet Custody Agreement

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Created by:


Prepared for:


This Pet Custody Agreement ( the “Agreement”) dated this (the effective date) day of (effective month and year).

Between (the two partners):

[FirstOwner.FirstName][FirstOwner.LastName]of [FirstOwner.Country], [FirstOwner.City] the State of [FirstOwner.State]

[SecondOwner.FirstName][SecondOwner.LastName] of [SecondOwner.Country], [SecondOwner.City] the State of [SecondOwner.State]

The parties involved are the owners of the animal(s) mentioned below and are considered pet(s).

Name: (Name of the pet)

Breed: (Title of the breed)

Description: (Physical appearance)

[FirstOwner.FirstName][FirstOwner.LastName] and [SecondOwner.FirstName][SecondOwner.LastName] desire to separate from each other.

[FirstOwner.FirstName][FirstOwner.LastName] and [SecondOwner.FirstName][SecondOwner.LastName] want this Agreement to fix the custody and care of their pet(s).

Now, Therefore, both Owners fully and freely accept all the terms and conditions, provisions hereof, and in the consideration of mutual covenants and promises. The parties hereby agree to the following clauses:

Pet’s Legal Custody

Sole Ownership: The parties agree to give sole ownership of the pet(s) to:

  • (Insert Sole Owner)

  • The sole owner is free to make all decisions regarding the pet’s care and maintenance.


Shared Ownership: Both parties agree to divide the responsibilities in the caring and ownership of the pet(s).

Visitation Rights

[FirstOwner.FirstName][FirstOwner.LastName] shall have the right to keep the pet(s) overnight on the following weekdays: (insert days).

[SecondOwner.FirstName][SecondOwner.LastName] shall have the right to keep the pet(s) overnight on the following weekdays: (insert days).

Each party can pick up the pet from a set location and then drop it off on the appropriate day.


Both parties agree to keep the pet on alternating weekends from (time) on Friday till (time) on Sunday.

Pet Responsibility and Care

  • Each party agrees to provide the pet(s) with excellent food, water, and maintenance. They also agree to offer care related to training and grooming.

  • Both parties agree to license and register the pet. The person with primary ownership would be registered as the pet’s owner in the papers.

  • In case of a medical emergency, the party with the physical custody of the pet at the time would notify the other party immediately.

  • During an emergency, both parties agree to acknowledge the other’s ability to make a unilateral decision for the pet's welfare.

  • Both parties can be involved in the training of their pet(s).

  • Each party has the right to complete all the information related to consultants, veterinarians, or any specialists that look after the pet(s).

  • Each party is responsible for the fees of his/her attorney and any costs incurred related to the negotiations of this Agreement.

  • None of the parties can interfere, obstruct or impede the rights of the any party. In addition, both owners agree to protect the pet(s) from an unhealthy environment.

Pet Insurance

  • (Insert responsible party here) is responsible for looking after and maintaining the pet’s insurance policy.


All the obligations and rights mentioned in this Agreement are non-dischargeable in the event of bankruptcy.


This is a jointly-prepared Agreement written in the presence of both parties.


If a provision is held illegal or invalid, the remaining provisions will not be affected and will be treated as valid and legal.

Modifications and Amendments

[FirstOwner.FirstName][FirstOwner.LastName] and [SecondOwner.FirstName][SecondOwner.LastName] agree that this Agreement may only be amended or modified in writing and signed by the court of jurisdiction or the parties involved.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed and followed according to the laws of the [FirstOwner.State].


Both parties agree that in a case of a dispute related to the Agreement, they will involve a mediator to resolve the clash. They will seek the Agreement’s enforcement in any applicable court if this initiative is unsuccessful.

Entire Agreement

This agreement covers the entire understanding of both parties involved. They acknowledge that there are no warranties, understandings, and representations other than those mentioned set forth herein.


(Any extra clause agreed by the parties)

Voluntary Execution

Both parties hereby agree to fully understand all the provisions and consider this Agreement as just, reasonable and fair.

The parties here agree to execute this Agreement on the mentioned Effective date.





Agreement Signed In the Presence of:








Notary Acknowledgement

State of : (state of the governing law)

Country of: (country of the governing law)

I have acknowledged the preceding case on this (day, date, and year of the effective date).



My Commission Expires: (Date)

Pet Custody Agreement

Used 4,903 times

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