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Restaurant Receipt Template

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This free restaurant receipt template let's you offer your customers the choice of a printed or online receipt and helps turn over tables faster.

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This restaurant receipt is a simple receipt to be given to the person dining at the restaurant upon finishing the meal.

Restaurant Receipt Template






All the basic information goes at the top of the restaurant receipt – the name and location of the restaurant along with an email. If you have one, you can include a Twitter handle, which would be a nice way to let your customers know they can connect with you on Twitter.






Here you can include information such as who the server is that took care of the guests, and the table information (if it applies) along with the check number (for your organizational purposes) along with the date and time.




This is exactly what it looks like: itemize within the restaurant receipt the food and drink purchased along with the quantity and the total cost. Subtotals are in the next chart.






Tax ([NUMBER]%)


The itemized charges applicable to the restaurant receipt can fall into one of the two categories of “food” or “liquor,” which can be subtotaled before tax is added and then finally the full total at the bottom.

    Gratuity: ______________________

Please note that unless we note it above, gratuity for our server is not included in the total noted above. Thank you for dining with us!

It can’t hurt your server to give a reminder at the bottom of your restaurant receipt that gratuity is not included.

    Signed: ________________________________________

                                      [NAME OF GUEST]

Thanks again for joining us at [RESTAURANT]!

Visit us on the web at [WEB ADDRESS]


A polite sign-off with your web address can be a nice touch and give your customer another opportunity to connect with your brand back at home.

Restaurant Receipt Template

Used 4,949 times

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