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This is a simple hotel receipt to be given to the departing guest at the time of  simply for the hotel’s records and the date field at the bottom is the date of the invoice.

Hotel Receipt Template


[NAME OF GUEST]                                                       Arrival Date: [DATE]

[ADDRESS]                                                                     Checkout Date: [DATE]

[EMAIL]                                                                            Room Number: [NUMBER]

[PHONE]                                                                           Rate: $[AMOUNT]/Night

Invoice #: [NUMBER]

Date: [DATE]





Balance: $[AMOUNT]

Here is where all of the charges are itemized. Included here would be everything from room charges, to room service purchases, all the way to taxes. Charges would be placed in the “Debit” column and any payments would be placed in the “Credit” column. The balance would reflect any remaining credits that have yet to be paid.

We at [HOTEL] appreciate your business and look forward to hosting you again! Please sign below to indicate that the above charges accurately reflect your stay with us.

In the forefront of the hotel receipt should be the basic information such as the name and contact information on file for the guest along with their date of arrival/checkout, where they are staying, and the rate on that room. The invoice number is

There is only one signature line as it’s simply an acknowledgment by the guest that the charges that have been levied were legitimately incurred. 



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Although this small marketing piece has nothing to do with your hotel receipt, consider that every person staying at your hotel will receive this receipt and it is a good way to get those accounts some exposure to gain more followers and thus, opportunities for more business as you connect with your clientele.

Also, note that the hotel’s contact information is in the footer of this hotel receipt.

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