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Service Quote Template


[COMPANY NAME]                                                                                        [DATE]

[COMPANY ADDRESS]                                                                                 Quote #: [QUOTE NO]

PandaTip: Service quotes may be shown as labor-hour, fixed price, or some other quotation. This template’s sample language assumes a quasi labor-hour arrangement, where you will charge for time served, but may only deviate from the quote plus/minus 10 percent.

This quote has been prepared by [SALES AGENT NAME] for [CUSTOMER NAME] in relation to provision by [COMPANY NAME] of [DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES], as more fully set forth in the Statement of Work attached hereto.  The prices and terms and conditions contained in this quotation shall remain valid for a period not exceeding [DAYS] days.

PandaTip: The sample table below may be customized to suit your needs. For example, you may also provide the “period of performance” for each position.

The hours and mix of labor to accomplish the work is as follows:

Labor category Hours Hourly Rate Total
[Position] [#] [$] [$]
[Position] [#] [$] [$]
[Position] [#] [$] [$]

Total: [$]

This quotation is subject to the attached Statement of Work and [COMPANY NAME] terms and conditions.This quotation is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Total hours specified above are estimates that are subject to change +/- 10%.  [COMPANY NAME] will bill actual hours incurred for each position at the rates above.
  • Any out of scope work is subject to additional charges.
  • Bi-weekly invoices will be submitted and must be paid upon receipt.

If the rates, statement of work and terms acceptable, indicate your acceptance by signing below.

PandaTip: As you will notice in the sample language above, this service quotation refers to a Statement of Work. The Statement of Work provides the detailed work description.