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Community Center Business Plan

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You can use this Community Center Business Plan Template, it is perfect for anyone desiring to open and run a society center. It gives the center’s owner an outline of areas that must be disseminated with the investors to earn an acquisition.

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Community Center Business Plan Template

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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary

  • Site and Operations

  • Strategic Theory

  • Marketing Plan

  • Management Team

  • Financial Summary

Executive Summary

Mission Statement:

[Center.Name] plans to empower young people in the community to participate in events with great opportunities. In addition, it opens doors to better communication between the local people and builds job opportunities for the unemployed.


[Center.Name] promises to hold an average of (number) events during the year. We also aim to conduct events to help people quit drugs and start earning for themselves. (Continue the vision according to the mission)

History of [Center.Name]:

(Mention the history and the reason behind this plan)

Possible Accomplishments:

[Center.Name] aims to achieve the following accomplishments at the end of its first year:

  • Host (Number of events)

  • Collect (Amount in dollars) of donation

  • Invite (Number) of people for events

  • (Other)

Site and Operations


The proposed location of the community center is in [Center.StreetAddress]. This location has been selected for the following reasons.

  • The site is closer to the residential area.

  • It can be reached by various means of transportation

  • The location is safe.

  • (Other)

Operation and staffing:

We aim to hire the following people for our community center with their required operating hours:

  • Manager -Full-time

  • Accountant-Full-time

  • Administrative team-Full-time

  • Cleaning staff-Part-time (full-time on the days of the events)

  • (Other)

Site operating hours:

(Explain the number of hours and days the center would stay open and closed)


The proposed location will stay open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm. On Saturdays, the site will open at 10 am and close at 4 pm unless there is a planned event. The center will stay closed on Sundays.

Strategic Theory


(Purpose of the community center)


The goals behind this community center are:

  • Create opportunities and events in a safe environment

  • Bring both adults and kids together under one roof

  • Enhance links and connections within the community

Success key factors:

(Mention the factors that may make the center a success)


These factors will help us make this community center a success.

  • ​Perfect location

  • Mission to hold various events within a year

  • Strong management team


The [Center.Name] aims to influence people to build their skills and knowledge through various informative events. Moreover, it wants to develop a sense of security and brotherhood within the community through its different gatherings.

Marketing Plan

Target Market:

Our target market comprises people of all ages living within a radius of (distance) from the community center. We don’t prefer including people outside this location as our guests because of security issues.

Target Population:

The target market has an estimated population of (number). The total number of people can be divided into categories:

  • Women (Number)

  • Men (Number)

  • Children (Number)

Advertising and Promotion:

We wish to promote our center and its activities through methods such as:

  • Newspapers (Mention how)

  • Ads (How)

  • Social media platforms (How)

  • (Other)

Management Team


(Founder Name) is the founder of this center and the idea. They believe in building a strong community and therefore want to go ahead with building this center. The founder has a degree in (Subject) and vast experience managing big teams and conducting small and big-scale events.


(Founder Name) wishes to hire the following staff members for the community center.

  • Manager: Responsible for looking after the daily needs of the center and its employees

  • Administration Head: Responsible for booking events, managing staff for events, and ensuring quick implementation of marketing plans

  • Accountant: Responsible for looking after the yearly profit and loss accounts. Also, they shall be responsible for calculating all the funds received as donations.

  • Menial staff: Responsible for answering calls and running basic errands

  • Cleaning staff: Responsible for keeping the center clean

  • Other: (Mention their responsibilities)

Financial Summary

Revenue and Cost Driver:

[Center.Name] shall earn its profits from giving its space for rent to various companies to hold events. Besides, it shall also earn revenue from the sale of event tickets arranged by the center itself.

The main cost drivers are the site's rent and the staff's salaries. Moreover, the center will also incur a high expense on marketing in its first year.

Investment Requirements:

[Center.Name] plans to earn an initial investment of (Amount in dollars). It aims to spend the investment on the following expenses:

  • Initial rent and security of the site

  • Purchase furniture

  • Hire staff

  • Initial renovation required for the community center

  • (Other)

Key Assumptions and Forecasts:

Here are our community center’s projected financial statements.

(Include profit and loss account, cash flow statement, and balance sheet for the next three years)





Community Center Business Plan

Used 4,947 times

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