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Construction Quote Template

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Construction Quote Template

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[Sender.Company] has created the following construction quote for the Client’s building project as outlined below:

(Insert Client notes regarding the building project here. Be as specific as possible, so both you and the Client can refer back to the quote as necessary.)

Material costs$10001$1000
Labor costs$20001$2000

This construction quote shall be valid for 14 calendar days from the date issued. A deposit of 50% of the total price is required for [Sender.Company] to begin the work outlined in this quote. All deposits are nonrefundable.

Payment schedule

The Client agrees to submit a downpayment of 50% of the building project outlined in the quote above. Deposits and final payments can be made via credit card or check. Checks can be made payable to [Sender.Company] at the address listed at the top of this quote. 

Final payment shall be due upon completion of the building services no later than 30 days after the services are completed. A service charge of (number)% shall be added to the past-due balances. Any balances past due by more than 60 days may result in [Sender.Company] initiating legal action to recover the outstanding balance. The Client shall be responsible for any legal fees [Sender.Company] incurs to receive payment. 


Schedule of services

[Sender.Company] agrees to provide services listed in this quote in an efficient and convenient time frame. Services in this quote will take approximately (6) weeks to complete.

  • Week 1      [Sender.Company] shall call the Client to review the quoted services. After the introductory call, [Sender.Company] shall begin work on the services in the quote.
  • Week 2    (Insert work progress here. This will vary depending on the services the client requested)
  • Week 3    (Insert work progress here)[Sender.Company] shall contact the Client for a project check-in call.
  • Week 4    (Insert work progress here)
  • Week 5    (Insert work progress here)
  • Week 6    [Sender.Company] shall complete work provided in the quote. [Sender.Company] shall review the final work in person with the Client to ensure the work meets the Client’s standards. The Client shall review and sign a work completion form once work has been reviewed.

[Sender.Company] shall keep in regular contact with the Client regarding the status of the building project. The Client understands that delays may occur due to circumstances outside of [Sender.Company]‘s control.


[Sender.Company] attests all of its representatives and subcontractors are adequately insured with General Liability Insurance. [Sender.Company] confirms they have the minimum level of liability to operate in the State of [State]. The Client shall not be held responsible in the instance of injury or other incurred loss due to the actions of [Sender.Company]‘s employees or subcontractors on the Client’s property.

Terms and conditions

If the Client wishes to initiate additional construction activities beyond the quotation, the Client agrees to contact [Sender.Company] as soon as possible to receive a new quotation reflecting the additional services. The Client must pay a deposit for the additional quote before new work begins.

[Sender.Company] and its representatives agree to act professionally and respectfully during the duration of the construction project. [Sender.Company] representatives shall leave the construction site in the tidiest possible fashion after completing the day’s work.

The Client understands some unsightly materials may be left at the site while the project is under construction. Upon the completion of the project, [Sender.Company] representatives shall collect all equipment used for the project and tidy the area to a sufficient cleanliness standard.
[Sender.Company] may, at its discretion, cancel specific appointments on short notice in the event extreme weather conditions or another emergency directly inhibits [Sender.Company]‘s ability to complete the activities scheduled for the day. In the event of an emergency cancellation, [Sender.Company] will contact the Client as soon as possible to reschedule services.
The Client understands that construction activities may be loud or otherwise disruptive. [Sender.Company] shall mitigate any disruptiveness caused by the building project to the best of their ability.


If the Client wishes to terminate the project, the Client shall compensate [Sender.Company] for all of the work provided at the time of termination. [Sender.Company] may terminate the quoted project at its discretion if the Client acts unprofessional or disrespectful, including making verbal or physical threats to [Sender.Company] representatives.


Construction Quote Template

Used 5,462 times

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