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Demolition Contract

PandaTip: This section of the demolition contract template captures both the agreement date and the names of the involved parties.

This demolition contract has been entered into on [Agreement.Date]. [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] (Contractor) and [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] (Client) have agreed and accepted the following terms regarding the demolition of [Property.Address].


PandaTip: This demolition contract template includes standard terms commonly used by demolition contractors. To modify these terms for your needs, you can click inside of the text box containing the template’s terms and conditions.

  • Client is the rightful and legal owner of [Property.Address] and is requesting the demolition of said address as stated in this demolition contract.
  • Contractor will demolish the Property in its current standing for the agreed amount stated below.
  • Contractor will upon, demolition clear and remove debris from the requested property as included in the total project price agreed.
  • All demolition done by contractor will be conducted using their own equipment and staff.
  • Demolition is agreed to begin on [Agreement.Date]. The site will be cleared of all debris no later than [Completion.Date] unless prior written agreement between both parties exists.
  • Any costs above and beyond original agreed cost will be submitted in writing by contractor and approved by client prior to completion.


PandaTip: Use the pricing table in this template to communicate any project costs, including costs for permitting, equipment, or waste disposal.

Total project pricing for this demolition contract including all clean up, equipment, and taxes are included in the table below.

Name Price QTY Subtotal

Subtotal       $0.00
Total    $0.00

PandaTip: You can send this demolition contract template for electronic signature by assigning yourself and your client to the “Sender” and “Client” roles using the menu on the right, then using the “Send” button.

By signing below both parties have read and acknowledged all terms and pricing listed above in this demolition contract.

Demolition Contract Template

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