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Eviction Notice Template Illinois

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Effortlessly navigate the eviction process in Illinois with our comprehensive eviction notice template, designed to ensure compliance with Illinois laws.

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Eviction Notice Template Illinois

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State of Illinois


This document is addressed to [Tenant.FirstName][Tenant.LastName], (Tenant.IDNumber).

Leased Property

The tenant is currently under a lease agreement of the property at (LeasedProperty.FullAddress), whose characteristics are (LeasedProperty.Characteristics).


You are at this moment notified that according to the lease agreement signed on (LeaseAgreement.SigningDate) wherein you were granted the premises you occupy, you are currently in flagrant violation of the (SectionNumber.Breach) sections of the lease. This is due to activities carried out within the property, described below: (LeaseViolation.Description).

Type of Breach

The type of breach within the contract is considered curable. Therefore the tenant is requested to desist from the aforementioned behavior and to abide by the above stipulations of the lease agreement. To do so, the tenant will receive a deadline of (Limit.Date) or else he must vacate the premises.

Number of Days for Eviction

This eviction notice has a 10-day period, which is the minimum Illinois law requires to abide by the provisions of the lease. After that time, if the tenant does not comply with the lease agreement requirements or vacates the property, the tenant will face a forced eviction proceeding.

Any provision found within this document does not serve as a waiver for the landlord or grant any additional rights to the landlord. Any legal proceedings to be initiated must be done through normal means.

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Eviction Notice Template Illinois

Used 4,872 times

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