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Eviction Notice Template Ohio

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Simplify the eviction process in Ohio with our comprehensive eviction notice template, designed to adhere to state laws.

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Eviction Notice Template Ohio

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1. Identification

1.1 State. This document was created and shall be valid under the provisions of the State of Ohio and all its laws.

1.2 Date. In turn, this document was written on [Document.CreatedDate].

1.3 Parties involved in the document.

To:[Renter.FirstName][Renter.LastName], (Renter.IDNumber)

From:[Landlord.FirstName][Landlord.LastName], (Landlord.IDNumber)

1.4 Leased property

Leased Property: (Property.FullAddress), (Property.City), Ohio

2. Indication of Contractual Violation

2.1 Indication of which clause is being violated.

Under the provisions of the previous lease agreement agreed by the parties, the tenant is in violation of the (Lease.Section) of this agreement. The such violation comes as a result of the following action: (LeaseViolation.Description)

2.2 Landlord's request for adherence to the contract.

The tenant's violation is Curable, so the tenant is required to adhere to the terms of the lease and remedy the problem before (Limit.FullDate), or the lease will be terminated, and the tenant will be asked to vacate the premises.

3. Request for Adherence to Lease Stipulations

The tenant is required to remedy the stated problem before the previously announced date or to vacate the premises voluntarily. If an accommodation to the violation is not made or it does not vacate the premises, the landlord may initiate a forced eviction action.

If you have questions about the state's legal framework or the tenant's rights and obligations, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of an attorney who specializes in this area.

4. Laws Applicable to the Eviction Notice

This document is a three (3) day notice being the minimum required by Ohio Revised Code Sections 1923.02 and 1923.04. Additionally, nothing within this document is intended or should be construed as any waiver by the landlord of any rights or remedies previously provided by the lease or otherwise provided by state or federal law.

5. Landlord's Signature and Final Validation





Eviction Notice Template Ohio

Used 4,872 times

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