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Fitness Services Proposal Template

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Fitness Services Proposal

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Dear [Client.FirstName],

Thanks for contacting me about my fitness services! I’ve created this custom proposal for you based on our previous conversation.

Please take the time to review this fitness services proposal thoroughly. Your health and well being is my top priority, and I want to be sure that the fitness plan you choose is right for you.

Personal fitness program for [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]


Start Date:MM / DD / YYYY

End Date:MM / DD / YYYY

Primary area of focus:
(Describe the area of focus here)

Program Description:
(Describe the program you offer here)

Why choose me as your trainer?


You should be picky about who you hire for fitness services. Your body is a temple, and putting its progress in the wrong hands can have painful results.

I’m proud to be a licensed personal trainer and fitness consultant, with a wealth of experience helping people of all ages, walks of life, and fitness levels reach their goals.

I customize every program to each client’s needs, and I adopt a science-based approach to programming that maximizes results while minimizing risk of injury. This approach isn’t offered by other trainers, but is used extensively by professional sports teams and competing athletes.

When you partner with me, you benefit from a smart approach to fitness that just works better.

What my clients say about me:


Hanna Franklin

[Sender.FirstName] always delivers a challenging workout that will renew confidence in your body and lift your spirits. After three years of training - from fat to fit - I'll never leave this smart fitness method!


Peter Smith

[Sender.FirstName] is a highly recommended trainer. I have been with her for six months now and have gained significant strength in my arms, legs, and abs. I finally found a trainer who motivates me everyday to the fullest.


Seth Shaw

[Sender.FirstName] thank you so much for everything you do. You've nursed me through many injuries and helped me realize the importance of exercise - it has been empowering! Most of all thank you for being a friend!

What you’ll pay for my services:

My fitness services are designed to be very affordable. The table below details the fees for your custom fitness program.

Single Session$30.0035$1,050.00

Ready to get started?

Great! Just sign below to notify me that you’re ready to start working on your fitness goals with me.




Fitness Services Proposal Template

Used 5,544 times

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