Investor Pitch Deck

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Investor Pitch Deck

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Table of Contents

01 Problem 02 Value Proposition 03 Product/Solution 04 Investment Opportunity 05 Competition 06 Business Model 07 Go-to-market 08 Fundraising 09 Traction 10 Founding Team

The problem with (your target domain) is that (what’s going wrong). (Target customers) look for (state behavioral factors).


Value Proposition

We suggest (add your value proposition) for (target customers) to (solve their problem) with the help of (your solution).

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Reduce costs by X%

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Improve productivity by N times




Clearly state your solution, what it does, for whom, and how it solves the problem. Highlight its several core features or advantages.

Competitive Advantage

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The short description of the advantage.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

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The short description of the advantage.

The short description of the advantage.

Investment Opportunity

Target Market



Gender, Age, Status



Other Criteria

Add your description


You may place your competitors on a grid comparing them by diametral factors, e.g. Cheap yet Hard-to Use or Easy-to-Use yet Pricey.

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High Price

Low Price

Hard to Use

Ease of Use

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$0.0 mln →

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Market size

$.0.00 →

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Market size

Business Model

Explain how you plan to monetize your business ​


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Image 22
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  • Organic Presence

  • SEO

  • Content Marketing

  • Paid Ads

  • B2B

  • Partnership Programs

  • Sales Team

  • Events

  • Press Release

  • Guest Posting

  • Product Hunt



12 months

100 Clients


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Image 18
Image 19
Image 20

Fundraising goal

Time Frame

Business KPI

Revenue Target


Provide evidence of your solution demand by showing the dynamics of your traction.


Month 1


Month 2

X2 N

Month 3

X4 N

Founding Team

Name Surname

Name Surname

Name Surname

Name Surname


(Email Address #1)

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Founded by former product leads at [Sender.Company]

Location: [Sender.City], [Sender.Country] | Year: XXXX

VP Sales

(Email Address #4)

VP Marketing

(Email Address #3) ​


(Email Address #2)

Investor Pitch Deck

Used 4,962 times

Reviewed by Anna Werigo

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