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iOS App Development Proposal Template

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iOS App Development Proposal Template

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Dear Client Name,

We at [Sender.Company] thank you for the opportunity to develop your new iOS app. After meeting with you and discussing your events company, we are confident our team of expert designers can build an app that will set you apart in the field of party planning.

It’s important for [Sender.Company] to give you a complete idea of what to expect in the development process. We all want to be on the same page so we build something exciting and memorable that helps your business. In this proposal, you will be able to see exactly how that will be done, what it will cost, and when it will be completed. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.







It’s an exciting time to be alive. The world has been online for decades now, but only recently have we started to do most of our browsing, buying, and connecting with others through our handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. This means it’s more important than ever to not only have a strong online presence, but a kick-ass app to go along with it.

At [Sender.Company], we are driven to make your business better. Our team consists of veteran app designers from all walks of life. We have former nonprofits workers, team leaders who came some of the world’s most significant technology companies, and hungry youngsters ready to show the world the next big idea. We’re a small team and that means we know each other well.

We also know the importance of truly standing out in a world where tens of billions of app purchases are made annually. Let us show you how we can take your company to the next level.


Much goes into the development of any app, and one made specifically for iOS users requires a couple of extra steps. But that’s why you hired us! [Sender.Company] wants to make sure you know how every step of the process will unfold, and in which parts you will be most needed or not needed at all. App development is a long process, so let’s get started.


Apple requires app providers to create a Developer Account before they can work within the App Store. The process is fairly straightforward, but it’s not exactly obvious. From verifying your company’s legal status to obtaining a D-U-N-S Number, we have your back here.


This step in the process is where [Client.Company] will be intimately involved. Think of it as making a checklist before you go camping. Sure, all you want to do is relax by the lake or roast marshmallows, but unless you’ve thought of all the things that can go wrong, or forgot to pack this or that, you might end up looking for a cheap hotel room instead of sleeping under the stars.

We’re experts at making these checklists, and we will spend significant time learning exactly what you want to accomplish with your new iOS app. This stage also involves audience engagement and research on our part. Whatever your target audience, we need to know what they want out of the app and how best to provide it for them.


We’ve come to the stage in which the app starts to take on a life of its own. Every website has a sitemap, and the same is true of apps. At this point, we know your audience and your desires for the app, so now it’s time to put it all together in a rough outline. This step shows [Sender.Company] what functions and types of content will be necessary. And if anything is missing, now is the time for both parties to speak up.


Wireframes are the structural core of your app, in much the same way as a website. They must be created so we know how to achieve your goals for your new app. While the app is far from complete at this stage, [Client.Company] will have a chance to see how it will work before the development phase.


Your company is unique, but you already know that. It’s your brand, and [Sender.Company] wants to make sure your new iOS app does everything possible to promote and grow it. This step is where we glue everything together across all mediums — i.e., mobile, web, print — so we’re creating the most effective product for your intentions. Remember, your app is an icon on someone’s smartphone first. How it looks and what that says about the app’s ultimate functions are important to users. We’ll make sure your app brand is solid and memorable, and integrates seamlessly with your existing company brand.


One thing that should be clear at this point is the popularity of acronymns. In this case, we’re talking about user interface and user experience, or UI and UX respectively. At this stage, we’ve created your blueprints and sitemap, all the inner workings of your app, so we need to give it a nice outfit. Here we’re going for aesthetics and functionality. [Client.Company] will have multiple outfits to choose from.


At this point in the process, you’re probably exhausted and ready to get back to your actual work. That’s good, because the development stage is when the client is least needed. We’ve done the leg work together, so now it’s time to build your new iOS app. This is time-consuming work, as we need to make sure no surprises arise. It’s better for us, the developers, to find the issues instead of your customers. Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from us for a while. Once development is completed, your input will be much needed in the testing phases.


This is another Apple-specific process in app development. With Android apps, anyone can build and launch them for download and/or sale. But with Apple, the company requires a review of all apps before they’re offered to the public. Fear not, it’s normal and relatively painless. It might take 7 to 10 days, and we will handle anything Apple has to say about the app. [Client.Company] will be notified when this step is finished.


It’s been months since we started developing your new iOS app. You’ve spent a lot of money and time on this, and you’re ready to see it in action. Trust us, we are too. But before that can happen, we want to make sure we’re going forward on the best foot possible. This means up to a few weeks of planning and familiarization with the App Store. With [Client.Company] input, we will develop a strategy for marketing and promoting the app. We’ll teach you the App Store basics. And then we’ll let the world see something new and exciting!


[Sender.Company] believes a good app takes time to build. We estimate needing 4 to 6 months to complete this project. We are prepared to start immediately upon agreement over this proposal. The following is a breakdown of how our time will be spent on your new iOS app.



Initial meetings, planning, App Store integration

1-2 weeks

Use case scenario, framework, content, blueprint

4-6 weeks

Wireframes, design, branding

2-3 weeks


Up to 8 weeks

Testing, preparation, launch

2-3 weeks


Any investment you make is valuable, and a new app is time-consuming and expensive. Based on the outline of work we provided, [Client.Company] can expect the following expenses related to the project. Please bring and questions or issues to our attention before signing this proposal.





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




Once this proposal is signed, [Sender.Company] can begin work with a retainer fee of 1/3 the total cost of the project. The remaining payment must be made within 30 days of launch of the new iOS app.

NOTE: Hosting your app is an ongoing service, to be paid at the monthly rate of $500. We must do this to ensure security, offer updates when needed, and respond to feedback from users and [Client.Company]. Payments can be made at the beginning of each month.


By signing below, you agree to accept this proposal for iOS app development and any modifications already agreed upon with [Sender.Company].







iOS App Development Proposal Template

Used 5,099 times

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