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IT Support Contract Template

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IT Support Contract Template

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[Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] has identified a need for description of need and is looking for a qualified Information Technology (IT) support services firm to perform the following:

  • Identify work to be perfomed 1
  • Identify work to be perfomed 2

[Sender.Company]​ has over a decade of experience serving local businesses in their IT needs. Our services range from description of services offered.

Benefits of selecting 


for this IT Project include:

  • Cost-effective IT solutions
  • Extraordinary track record of improving client workflow and efficiencies
  • Deep domain knowledge and expertise in Description of domain 
  • Talented team with impeccable references and past performance

Services to be Performed by [Sender.Company]

Under the terms of this contract between [Sender.Company], hereinafter referred to as “CONTRACTOR” and [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName], hereinafter referred to as “CUSTOMER,” CONTRACTOR will provide the following maintenance and/or services in support of this IT project for the agreed upon amount of $ Dollar Amount:

a. Title Or Brief Description Of Task 1

Estimated Number Of Hours 1

Detailed Description Of Task 1

Identify Deliverables 1

b. Title Or Brief Description Of Task 2

Estimated Number Of Hours 2

Detailed Description Of Task 2

Identify Deliverables 2

c. Title Or Brief Description Of Task 3

Estimated Number Of Hours 3

Detailed Description Of Task 3

Identify Deliverables 3


The following table depicts the pricing for each service to be performed by CONTRACTOR and has been agreed upon by both CONTRACTOR and CUSTOMER prior to the signing of this contract. 


Payment Terms

CUSTOMER will pay the CONTRACTOR the total agreed upon amount of $ Dollar Amount for maintenance and services provided under this contract within thirty (30) days of service completion.

Terms of Termination

Should either the CUSTOMER or the CONTRACTOR elect to terminate this contract, the CONTRACTOR has thirty (30) days to relinquish any applicable passwords, server controls, technology, and/or reasonable information or services necessary for the CUSTOMER’S operations. Under these conditions, CONTRACTOR reserves the right to collect payment for services provided and will allow CUSTOMER thirty (30) days to remit payment in the amount disclosed on final invoice that will be provided to CUSTOMER by CONTRACTOR within fifteen (15) days of contract termination.


By signing below, both CONTRACTOR and CUSTOMER acknowledge that everything in this contract is true and agree to be bound to the terms listed above.









IT Support Contract Template

Used 5,754 times

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