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One-Page Sales Proposal Template for [Client.Company]

Executive Summary

In light of your specific needs, we believe that [Product 1] will be very useful to your situation and can help you reach your business goals. This product was developed to help companies in the name of industry market overcome these types of challenges. Our onboarding process will allow you to implement this solution with ease. You’ll be working closely with you AE and his sales team throughout this process. We will be here to provide a detailed timeline, weekly updates on the status of the project, and to offer support and answer questions as needed.

Our Approach

Thank you for considering doing business with [Sender.Company]. We take pride in offering an exceptional level of service to companies just like yours.

New Client Challenges


Terms and Pricing

Listed below is a summary of the estimated costs associated with [Product 1]. We request 50% of the total payment upfront and the remaining 50% is due upon delivery of [Product 1]. Payments must be made on time and within the terms of the agreement. If payments are not received by the agreed-upon due dates, [Sender.Company] reserves the right to halt all work until the outstanding balance is received.


[Product 1]$499.001$499.00
One-time set-up fee$249.001$249.00
Quarterly maintenance$129.001$129.00

Payment Schedule

Payment DatePayment Amount
Upon acceptance of the contract25% of the total balance
Upon delivery of [Product 1]50% of the total balance

Approval and Next Steps

Once both parties have agreed to and signed the proposed sales contract, it will become legal and binding from this day forward.









One-Page Sales Proposal Template

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