Statement of Work


Prepared for:
[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName]
Prepared by:
[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]

No. [#]

THIS STATEMENT OF WORK (“SOW”) is entered into by and between [CUSTOMER NAME] and [SERVICE PROVIDER] (“Service Provider”) pursuant to the parties’ [MASTER AGREEMENT] dated [DATE].

PandaTip: A Statement of Work typically falls under some kind of “umbrella” or overarching agreement that contains the general terms and conditions. That is what we are referring to where it states “Master Agreement” above. The master agreement structure allows multiple statement of works to be written for specified projects under a single master agreement.

Description of Services and/or Deliverables

Service Provider will provide [LABOR CATEGORY OR TYPE OF WORK] resources for [HIGH LEVEL DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES] in support of the [PROJECT OR GROUP BEING SUPPORTED].   The period of performance is outlined in the Term/Schedule section below.


One [LABOR CATEGORY OR TYPE OF WORK] resource will perform work as outlined below:

Functional Role Est. Start Date Est. Period of Performance      

[CUSTOMER NAME] may extend the period of performance upon two weeks advance notification in writing.  In the case of an extension request to the period of performance, Service Provider may have to substitute the engagement of assigned personnel with another candidate with similar qualifications if the assigned personnel is unavailable.  In such an event, [CUSTOMER NAME] will have the ability to interview the candidate prior to placement.


PandaTip: The example language below assumes a design related statement or work.  Feel free to repurpose the language as appropriate for your own project/statement or work.

The Designer will be available to perform design services, such as:


PandaTip: A Statement or Work and related project pricing is typically based on certain assumptions.  It is best practice to communicate those assumptions in writing.

Price and Payment Schedule

The total Time and Materials (T&M) maximum amount or “not to exceed” (NTE) amount is [$] plus pre-approved travel expenses and ODCs. The below table lists the labor categories, rates, and estimates used to calculate the T&M costs for the effort.

Labor Category Rate Est. # of Hrs. Total Estimated Amount
Designer (remote) [$]/hr [#] [$]
Totals [#] [$]

All travel, lodging, and entertainment expenses must be pre-approved by [CUSTOMER NAME] in writing, and will be in addition to the above-stated NTE amount.  At its option, [CUSTOMER NAME] will book all travel and related expenses.  Service Provider’s rates and prices do not include sales tax, and if such tax is applicable, it will be invoiced as a separate line item.

Invoice Schedule

Service Provider will invoice [CUSTOMER NAME] on a monthly basis for actual hours expended.

In addition to the above, ODCs and pre-approved travel expenses will be billed as incurred.

Invoices shall be mailed to the following address:




Attention: [POC NAME]




____________________            ___________

[NAME]                                             DATE




____________________            ___________

[NAME]                                             DATE



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