Texas Sublease Agreement

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Create your success roadmap with a Texas sublease agreement template, designed as a helpful tool that protects the interests of both the sublessor and the sublessee.

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Texas Sublease Agreement

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This Sublease Agreement is made and entered into on this (Day) day of (Month), (Year), by and between [Sublessor.FirstName][Sublessor.LastName] (the “Sublessor”) and [Sublessee.FirstName][Sublessee.LastName] (the “Sublessee”).

The Parties agree to the following provisions considering the commitments and duties expressed in this Agreement:

1. Property

This Sublease pertains to a specific property at the (Street Address) in the City of (City Address), Texas. The sublease includes the following: (State the inclusions). The entire arrangement pertains only to this designated area and is collectively called the “Property.”

2. Term

This Sublease is scheduled to begin on the day of (MM/DD/YY) and will conclude on the day of (MM/DD/YY) at (Insert Time) local time. This period, from the starting date to the ending date and time, is collectively known as the “Term.”

After this Term, the Sublessee must vacate the Property unless the Sublessor and Sublessee decide to officially extend this Sublease in a written agreement or create an entirely new Sublease, which must be documented in writing and signed by all relevant parties.

3. Rent Payment

The Sublessee commits to a monthly rental payment of $(Amount), due on the (Day) of every month during the lease term. The Sublessee must pay the initial month’s rent upon signing this Sublease Agreement. Any bank fees or charges related to the Sublease are the responsibility of the Sublessee.

4. Security Deposit

Upon entering this Sublease, the Sublessee shall provide the Sublessor with a security deposit of $(Amount). The Sublessor will hold the security deposit as a guarantee for the Sublessee’s fulfillment of their responsibilities outlined in this Sublease.

The Sublessor agrees to refund the Security Deposit to the Sublessee within 30 days from the conclusion of the term, minus any deductions made accordingly.

5. Utilities

The Sublessor is responsible for providing the following utilities to the Sublessee: (List of Utilities)

The Sublessee will be responsible for the following utilities or services: (List of Utilities)

6. Use of Property

The Property is designated for the exclusive use and occupancy of the Sublessee and the Sublessee’s immediate family, which includes only the individuals explicitly named as follows: (List the names of individuals).

Any such usage or occupancy by other parties necessitates prior written consent from the Sublessor. Additionally, the Sublessee must adhere to all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, and directives from any governmental authorities about the cleanliness, use, habitation, and maintenance of the Property.

7. Smoking Policy

Smoking, whether it involves cigarettes, cigars, or any other form, is prohibited anywhere on the property. This rule is binding for the Sublessee and anyone who visits or stays on the premises. The Sublessor also promises to notify the Sublessee of the location of the smoke alarms on the property.

8. Pet Policy

Pets are strictly prohibited on the premises unless the Sublessor provides written consent. If permission is granted, the Sublessee must adhere to all pet-related rules and regulations, which may include paying additional pet deposits if necessary.

9. Parking

The Sublessee can use the designated parking space(s) on the property solely for parking functional passenger vehicles. This space cannot be used for storing or maintaining vehicles. Furthermore, the Sublessee is not allowed to park cars in unauthorized areas or in a manner that obstructs access to communal spaces.

10. Alterations and Improvements

The Sublessee is strictly prohibited from making any modifications to the building, any existing improvements on the Property, or initiating any construction or other enhancements on the Property without obtaining the express written consent of the Sublessor.

If Sublessee is granted written permission, all alterations, changes, or improvements implemented, built, constructed, or situated on the Property by the Sublessee shall, unless otherwise stipulated in a written agreement involving the Landlord, Sublessor, and Sublessee, become the sole property of the Sublessor.

11. Master Lease

The Sublessee explicitly recognizes that this Sublease is under the jurisdiction of the terms and provisions outlined in the Lease Agreement, also known as the “Master Lease,” existing between the Sublessor and the Landlord. The Sublessee wholeheartedly commits to adhering to and being legally obliged by the regulations stipulated in the Master Lease whenever applicable.

Furthermore, the Sublessee consents to undertake all of the responsibilities that belong to the Sublessor under the Master Lease to the extent that such an assumption is legally permissible. This clause signifies the Sublessee’s acknowledgment of the Master Lease’s authority over the Sublease and their commitment to complying with the Lease’s terms and fulfilling the Sublessor’s obligations when necessary and allowed by law.

12. Landlord’s Consent

The enforceability of this Sublease hinges on obtaining the Landlord’s approval. Suppose the Sublessor fails to secure the Landlord’s consent. In that case, this Sublease will be considered null and void, having no legal force or effect. The Sublease can only proceed if the Landlord formally agrees; without their consent, it cannot be legally upheld.

13. Maintenance and Repairs

The Sublessee is responsible for keeping the property and all its appliances and fixtures in good condition. Any changes or alterations to the property, like painting or changing locks, must have written consent. Removing appliances or fixtures belonging to the Sublessor or Landlord is prohibited.

If repairs are needed beyond regular maintenance, the Sublessee should inform the Sublessor promptly. In cases where there are shared common areas, appliances, or fixtures, the Sublessee can use them reasonably. However, suppose any of these items get damaged or go missing due to the Sublessee’s actions. In that case, they are responsible for repairing or replacing them.

14. Early Termination

The Sublessee can end this Sublease at any time by providing written notice of at least (Number of Days) days to the Sublessor. The Sublessee will also have to pay an early termination fee of $(Amount). During the notice period, the Sublessee must fulfill the rent payments.

15. Default

If the Sublessor breaches this Sublease agreement, the Sublessee has the right to pursue legal remedies as permitted by law.

Termination can occur after providing written notice specifying the breach and the intent to terminate, with a notice period of (Number of Days). In the case of non-payment of rent, if the default continues for (Number of Days) days, the Sublessor may, at their discretion, demand immediate payment of the entire outstanding rent or take legal actions allowed by law.

16. Abandonment

Suppose the Sublessee leaves the Property without proper notice during this Sublease. The Sublessor can take back the Property as the law allows, and the Sublessee won’t be owed any compensation or payments. The Sublessor can also choose to find a new tenant for the Property, charge them rent, and, if necessary, ask the Sublessee to cover any rent difference from the original Sublease.

Any personal belongings left behind will be considered abandoned, and the Sublessor can get rid of them as they see fit. This means the Sublessor won’t be responsible for those belongings.

17. Disputes

Suppose a dispute occurs between the parties during the term of this Sublease. The parties agree to negotiate amongst themselves before any litigation.

18. Liability

Upon the expiration of this Sublease, the Sublessee commits to returning the Property and all its included items in a condition comparable to how they were received, accounting for normal wear and tear. The Sublessee will be liable for any damage to the Property exceeding ordinary wear and tear. Furthermore, the Sublessee is accountable for the actions of their guests and will assume full responsibility for any damages caused by them.

19. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed, construed, and enforced following the laws of the State of Texas.

20. Entire Agreement

This Sublease and any accompanying documents are the exclusive Agreement governing the relationship between the Sublessor and Sublessee concerning the Property and its building facilities. No oral agreements, understandings, commitments, or statements between the parties will impact this Sublease. Any alterations or arrangements connected to this Sublease are binding if both parties expressly agree in written form.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, both Parties have agreed to the provisions of this Agreement as of the day and year set forth below.







Texas Sublease Agreement

Used 4,872 times

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