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Brand Collaboration Proposal Template

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Brand Collaboration Proposal Template

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Prepared for:


Attention of [Recipient.FirstName][Recipient.LastName]


[Recipient.City], [Recipient.State][Recipient.PostalCode]

Prepared by:


Attention of [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName]


[Sender.City], [Sender.State][Sender.PostalCode]

Table of Contents:

  1. About

  2. Goals

  3. Data

  4. Deliverables

  5. Timeline

  6. Projected Results

  7. Terms and Conditions


[Sender.Company] was founded in (year) by [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] out of a passion for (niche). [Sender.Company] works with brands like (company names) and has achieved impressive results like (most noteworthy results).

[Sender.Company] would be an excellent fit for [Recipient.Company] because we operate in highly-relevant industries, have similar employee cultures, and share a similar passion for putting our customer's needs first.


[Sender.Company] is looking to collaborate with [Recipient.Company] to accomplish (desired goal e.g. drive social engagement, create a new product or service, etc.). We believe this will drive significant benefits such as (list a few benefits e.g. higher revenue, more social engagement, etc.) for both [Sender.Company] and [Recipient.Company].



  • [Sender.Company] has XXX,XXX followers on Instagram, XXX,XXX followers on Twitter, and XXX,XXX followers on TikTok.

  • [Sender.Company] has an email list of XXX,XXX subscribers with an average open rate of XX%.


This is what our customers are saying about [Sender.Company]:

  • Testimonial #1

  • Testimonial #2

  • Testimonial #3

Case Studies

In another collaboration with (brand name), [Sender.Company] was able to accomplish (describe results that were generated).


As part of this proposal, [Sender.Company] would be expecting the following deliverables from [Recipient.Company]:

  • Deliverable #1

  • Deliverable #2

  • Deliverable #3

[Sender.Company] proposes supplying the following deliverables to [Recipient.Company]:

  • Deliverable #1

  • Deliverable #2

  • Deliverable #3


It's ​[Sender.Company]'s proposal that this relationship extends until (date or desired result is accomplished). During the relationship, we expect the following timeline for the completion of specified milestones:


  • (Date)

  • (Date)


  • Social media post(s)

  • Blog post(s)

Projected Results

Based on our research, we project the following results for [Sender.Company]:

  • Revenue increase of XX% during the collaboration period

  • Increase to social media following of XX,XXX subscribers

We also project the following results for [Recipient.Company]:

  • Revenue for $XX,XXX

  • New email list subscribers in the amount of XX,XXX

Terms and Conditions


The onset of this collaboration will be (date), and it will conclude on (date).

Financial Commitment

[Sender.Company] will compensate [Recipient.Company] in the amount of $XX,XXX for this brand collaboration.


During this collaboration, there will likely be an exchange of confidential information between both [Sender.Company] and [Recipient.Company]. Both parties will agree to keep these details confidential and to dispose of any proprietary assets or information following the conclusion of the collaboration.





Brand Collaboration Proposal Template

Used 5,186 times

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