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Graphic Design Quote Template

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Graphic Design Quote Template

Quotation Created for Client:

(Quote Number)


Created by:


Scope of design work

[Sender.Company] shall create graphic design work for the Client based on the following client notes:

(Enter Client notes here. Be as specific as possible. Include the amount and type of digital artwork requested, the Client’s use for the graphics, and the Client’s vision for the graphics, if applicable.)


The pricing in this design quote shall be valid for 30 calendar days from the date it was issued. A downpayment of 50% of the total price is required for work to begin.

Schedule of services

[Sender.Company] shall coordinate an introductory call no later than five business days after this quote has been signed. During the call, a representative from [Sender.Company] will further discuss the scope of work as set out in this quote.

The Client shall be entitled to an optional follow-up phone call one week before the final product is due.

The final product will be delivered to the Client no later than (deadline date). If the client requests revisions, the Client understands the deadline for the final product may be extended by no more than 30 calendar days.

Recurring work

If the Client and [Sender.Company] have agreed to recurring work, [Sender.Company] agrees to provide the final product on the (number) day of (month) of (year) for each month until (deadline date).

The Client agrees to provide a 50% downpayment for all the recurring work. The Client will provide final payment for each project on the due date of each project monthly.

[Sender.Company], at its sole discretion, may accommodate revisions to recurring work depending on the type of revision requested. Any recurring revision requests accommodated by [Sender.Company] totaling more than 5 hours throughout the recurring work schedule shall be charged at 1.5 times the rate listed in this quote.


[Sender.Company] is dedicated to providing excellent graphic design services for the Client. If the Client wishes to make changes to [Sender.Company]’s final product, the Client shall be entitled to two minor revisions of the graphic design product. If the Client wishes to initiate a revision, the Client shall notify [Sender.Company] of any revision requests within five business days of the delivery of the final product. The revisions shall be returned to the Client no later than seven business days from the date of the original revision request. Significant changes to the final product will necessitate a new pricing quote that must be signed before additional work begins. Deposits from the initial quote may or may not be transferred to the revised quote at [Sender.Company]’s sole discretion.

Additional services

The Client understands if they request additional services beyond simple revisions to the original quoted work, [Sender.Company] will provide the Client with an updated quotation for services. [Sender.Company] will not provide any additional, expanded services without a signed quote and downpayment.


[Sender.Company] shall deliver completed design work by the deadline in the following file formats: (Enter file formats here. Examples: .png, .jpeg, .pdf, .ai, .psd) via email or file sharing service.

A new graphic design quote will be drafted and signed if the client wishes for additional printed formats and physical delivery.

Payment schedule and type

The Client agrees that a 50% downpayment of the total quoted services is due before [Sender.Company] will begin working on the quoted services. The Client agrees to pay the remaining balance due once the final product has been delivered.

Payment shall be made via credit card or check. If [Sender.Company] does not have a credit card for the Client on file, a representative from [Sender.Company] will reach out for a credit card once this quote is signed. Checks must be made payable to [Sender.Company] at the address listed in this quote.

Terms and conditions

The Client and [Sender.Company] agree to act respectfully and professionally during the working relationship together. Any failure of the Client to maintain professional conduct may result in the forfeiture of deposits paid. [Sender.Company] and its representatives reserve the right to refuse services to any party for unprofessional conduct.


Graphic Design Quote Template

Used 5,231 times

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