Lawn Care Business Plan

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Lawn Care Business Plan

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Executive Summary

[Sender.Company] will provide professional all-season lawn care services for business and suburban properties in the areas surrounding (Location). The services will consist of lawn maintenance and cleaning, with a target market of (Target.Market). The demographics of the focus groups within (Number) miles of the business’ location are as follows:

  • (Number) residents

  • Average income of $(Income)

  • (Percentage)% married

  • (Percentage)% family households

  • (Percentage)% residential properties

  • (Percentage)% business properties

This lawn care business plan has the following goals:

  • (Goal) – (Basic.Description)

  • (Goal) – (Basic.Description)

The capital required to launch this business is $(Amount), with the prospective annual income, expenses, and profit for this plan being:

  • Prospective annual income: $(Amount)

[Sender.Company] will provide the following services:

  • Landscape design

  • Tree trimming

  • Stump and compost removal

  • Arborist services

  • Weed control

  • Commercial Landscaping

  • Residential lawn care

  • Lawn sprinkler services

  • Vegetable and flower gardening

The predicted benefits of establishing lawn care services in this area are:

  • (Benefit.One) – (Description)

  • (Benefit.Two) – (Description)

Company Overview

[Sender.Company] is located at [Sender.StreetAddress][Sender.City][Sender.State][Sender.PostalCode] and is an (Company.Type) (such as sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.) that [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] founded in (Year). Our business creed is to deliver superior lawn care services to residential and commercial properties, ensuring the community has well-cared-for lawns and landscaping.

Company Organizational Management

[Sender.Company] is led by [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName]​, with the following persons of interest as part of the management team:



Board of Directors:

(Director.Name), (Director.Name)





Industry Analysis

We have done extensive market research to show the benefits our business will bring to the residents and companies of (Location).

Market Trends

  • (Market.Trend) – (Influence)

  • (Market.Trend) – (Influence)

Market Segmentation and Competitors





However, we have identified the following strengths in our business plan that will give us the edge over the competition:

  • (Company.Strength) – (Description)

  • (Company.Strength) – (Description)

Customers Analysis

[Sender.Company] will start by serving the residents and businesses within (Number) miles of (Location). The plan is to soon expand to the surrounding cities of (Location), (Location), and (Location). This area is primarily filled with middle-class to high-class families and businesses, with the exact demographics being:



Square Miles


Population – Density


Population – Male


Population – Female


Target Population – Age Group

  • Age 18-24


  • Age 25-34


  • Age 35-44


  • Age 45-54


Target Population by Income

  • $50,000 – $74,999


  • $75,000 – $99,999


  • $100,000 – $124,999


  • $125,000 – $149,999


  • $150,000 – $199,999


  • $200,000 and Over


Family Households


  • Residential


  • Commercial


[Sender.Company] will focus on serving the following focus groups:

Identify three (3) to five (5) focus groups you will be focusing on. You should add why these groups are the primary focus and what you can gain by targeting them.

  1. (Primary.FocusGroup) – (Reason)

  2. (Secondary.FocusGroup) – (Reason)

  3. (Tertiary.FocusGroup) – (Reason)

Products and Services

[Sender.Company] aims to deliver excellent lawn care, focusing on precision, detailed care, and professional designs. We will provide several lawn care packages to appeal to all our possible customers:

  • (List your various packages and a quick description of what each contains)

Marketing Plan

[Sender.Company] focuses on the following unique value propositions:

  • (Unique.ValueProposition)

  • (Unique.ValueProposition)

Direct Mail

Blanketing the surrounding neighborhoods with direct mail will result in fast exposure to our service. The direct mail will provide information on [Sender.Company]. It will further explain our exclusive services, packages, location, and discounts to encourage interest.

Commute Advertising

We will hire workers to advertise the business by holding signs at traffic lights and along the major roads in (Location). As such, people commuting can become aware of your services.


[Sender.Company] will print advertisements in local and major publications and newspapers. We will further design and print brochures with company information, which we can leave at locations prospective residents frequent. We will also print pamphlets and discount coupons and leave them on parked cars and in stores to spread awareness.

Social Media

With the focus on online advertising, we will invest in online advertisements on various websites and develop our website. The website will further have links to our social media accounts to create a cohesive online profile easily accessible to clients.

Operations Plan

[Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] will be in charge of implementing a hiring plan to fill the following positions to carry out the operations plan successfully:

  • (Number) Gardeners

  • (Number) Vegetable garden specialists

  • (Number) Gardening specialist

  • (Number) Landscape designers


[Sender.Company] will reach the following milestones during the process of launching our business:




Finalize lease agreement of offices


Purchase company vehicles and equipment


Hire and train the core staff and team


Start a marketing campaign


Launch [Sender.Company] to the public


Reach the break-even amount

If you have insurance on your vehicles and equipment, which we recommend, add a section about finalizing the insurance on all equipment and vehicles. Making the investor aware of this means you can add the initial insurance payment to the capital requirements.

Financial Plan

  • Total capital required: $(Amount)

  • Purchase of vehicles and equipment: $(Amount)

  • Insurance costs: $(Amount)

  • Operations cost: $(Amount)

  • Staff salaries: $(Amount)

  • Working capital until break-even: $(Amount)

  • Funding received to date: $(Amount)

  • Funding still required: $(Amount)

Risk Analysis

[Sender.Company] has identified the following risks to the startup:

  • (Risk) – (Description)

However, we have also prepared solutions and procedures to implement in the case of such events:

  • (Solution) – (Description)


[Sender.Company] aims to become a lawn care industry leader. We focus on providing excellence and catering to the needs and wants of our clients. The requested capital of $(Amount) will help us set up the business and complete all operations to break even and start making a profit in (Number) years/months.







Lawn Care Business Plan

Used 4,872 times

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