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Landscaping Proposal

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Cover Letter

Dear [Client.FirstName],

Thank you for considering [Sender.Company] for your landscaping needs. We pride ourselves not only on being landscape designers, but we are certified contractors as well. We are insured, bonded, and licensed by the State of [State].

We specialize in the design and installation of aesthetic environments. No job is too big or small, from dangerous tree removals to periodic maintenance.

Our prices are competitive and our mission is to deliver excellence.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we start by thoroughly evaluating each individual property to then discuss the preferred landscape design ideas with the client. From here, we will provide detailed schematics so you can visualize your dream before we even break ground.

We also offer lawn maintenance for your yard and garden, so you can relax while we create the perfect outdoor environment and take care of all the details (including clean-up). You can find more about it in this landscape scope of work proposal.

Thank you,



Executive Summary

This proposal outlines our plan to create that special outdoor paradise for each unique client with unique desires, and how we intend to execute that plan.

[Sender.Company] will create and customize designs with the potential to add value to your real estate property. We help you conceive beautiful surroundings that increase in worth with time.

We perceive every job as an opportunity and an obligation to our client, the community, and the environment.

Our professional experience includes (but not limited to):

  • Cooperative and professional Landscape Management
  • Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services
  • Sprinkler System Installation and Repairs
  • Eco-friendly Irrigation System Installation and Repairs
  • Organic Gardens
  • Outdoor Lighting Design
  • Outdoor Lighting Design
  • Tree and Shrub Planting, Maintenance and Removal
  • Hardscaping
  • And Much More!

Cooperative And Professional Landscape Management

We have established numerous Guides and Procedures for every phase of the project, and we are prepared for all situations with ready contingency plans, if necessary. We have risk analysis procedures to ensure a smooth and worry-free project flow.

We even have post-construction maintenance and management service plans to continue to do the best job possible.

Residential and Commercial Landscaping

Our landscapers have worked on countless homes and businesses in the last [Years of Experience] years.

Sprinkler System Installation and Repairs

The best solution for a healthy lawn and garden area is to properly supply an adequate amount of water. In order to help you maintain this need, we assist in getting the ball rolling by recommending and installing a state-of-the-art sprinkler system.

We also offer checking, repairing, and maintenance of the following:

Sprinkler HeadCheck for proper usage/operation
ControllerAdjust or check for seasonal setting, program sequencing, time, and valve
RC ValveCheck for any leaks and proper usage/operation
Backflow / Pressure RegulatorCheck for proper usage/operation
Gate Valves / Quick CouplerCheck for any leaks and proper usage/operation
Soil ProfileUsing a spoil probe, sample soil and adjust/suggest watering for desired moisture
MapShows locations or major components

Eco-friendly Irrigation System Installation and Repairs

Season and weather are the two primary concerns when it comes to irrigation needs. Certain weather patterns, depending on the area, have the potential to require annual attention.

By using automatic controllers to supply water for the appropriate weather requirements, watering shall be scheduled depending on the plant materials, and seasonal needs.

  • Typically, watering is best done at night or early morning if the system is automatic unless the owner decides otherwise.
  • If any damages to the irrigation system occur and have been the cause of the Contractor while carrying out maintenance operations, [Sender.Company] will repair these damages, free of charge.
  • If irrigation equipment appears faulty, vandalized, or accidentally damaged by others, it will be reported promptly to the owner.
  • Cost of labor and material for repair is an additional charge and will be paid for by the owner.
  • In the event of an emergency, repairs, or adjustments, other than regularly scheduled visits, a small charge will be applied.

Note: In certain circumstances, there may be local watering restrictions.

Organic Gardens

A true specialty of ours is creating eco-friendly organic and sustainable gardens. We are skilled with traditional home gardens featuring flowers, herbs, and shrubs.

We also have experience with Japanese Zen, rock, and minimalist gardens. We are also certified in solar-powered garden light installation, and irrigation and sprinkler systems.

From building these gardens, we have the ability to understand the irrigation that it takes for natural water maintenance.

Outdoor Lighting Design

Lighting is important to your outdoor environment, both for safety and ambiance.

We specialize in:

  • Accent, deck, garden, and pathway lighting
  • Bulb-replacement
  • General maintenance to fixtures
  • Trouble-shoot any problems with existing lighting
  • Converting existing lighting system to LED
  • Transition current system to be controlled by a timer or switch
  • Transition current system to a wireless system

Prior to installation, we will quote a per fixture, to better budget the project accordingly. We will also provide free sample designs for your property.

Tree and Shrub Planting, Maintenance and Removal

Perhaps a tree is making it difficult to safely pull out of your driveway…or maybe your lawn is in need of a tree or two?

Whatever your tree situation is we offer:

  • Tree planting
  • Tree removal
  • Pruning
  • Staking and Guying
  • Routine Tree Maintenance

And much more…

  • Mulch
  • Emergency Services
  • Slope Care
  • Leaf Removal

If your landscaping concern is unlisted, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Lawn Planting, Mowing, and Maintenance

As a landscape company, of course, we offer many lawn services, including (but not limited to):

Lawn ServiceDescription of Service
Mowing, Trimming, EdgingFrequency of mowing depends on the growing season, and dry/rainy periods Edges will be kept trimmed to maintain a neat appearance.
FertilizeFertilized with commercial fertilizer
Insect ControlBy using Federal and State registered insect control products as needed, we can prevent or mitigate potential turf damage.
Weed ControlBy using proper fertilization, mowing, and watering practices, we’ll promote the growth of weed-resistant turf.


Using masonry materials, we’ll be able to complete the inanimate hardscape elements:



  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Fences



  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscape Steps
  • Fountains



  • Arbors
  • Fences
  • Decks



  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Fire pit


Following our initial conversation, [Sender.Company] will visit the property to better understand your needs, wants, and desires.

This crucial step will allow us to put together an accurate estimate, the scope of the building materials necessary to complete the job and to visualize needed access for any potential machinery or materials needed.

About us

About us

[Sender.Company] has been in the landscaping business for three generations since [Foundation Year], by [Founder]. We’re a grass lovin’, tree-huggin’, outdoorsy bunch, who're committed to your lawn, and creating a perfect reflection for your very own outdoor oasis!

All our customers have gone from being just prospective clients to [Sender.Company] family members who leave great testimonials. And we intend to maintain this streak!

General Terms & Conditions

[Sender.Company]’s Responsibilities

As the contractor, we will recognize and perform in accordance with written terms, written specifications and drawings, contained or referred to within this document. We have the right to renegotiate the initial contract if pricing or scope of work is affected by changes to any local, state, or federal laws or regulations that may go into effect after the agreement is signed.


[Sender.Company] will furnish any materials, labor, equipment, or subcontractors as we deem necessary to properly maintain landscape needs. All employees will be qualified, competent and personable at all times. All employees are legal citizens and authorized to work in the United States.

Building Materials

Unless otherwise specified, all building materials provided shall be new. [Sender.Company] shall have complete control of the work, and shall be solely responsible for the construction means, methods, techniques, sequences, and procedures.

As the contractor, we will comply with all laws, rules, regulations; as well as building and fire codes that relate to the work. This includes health and safety legislation and shall obtain any permits or licenses necessary for its performance as on the date hereof.

Permits, Licensing, and Safety Responsibilities

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws required by State or local law, and will comply with any other license or permit requirements of the City, State, and Federal Governments.

We also will comply with any municipal ordinances and all lawful orders of police and fire departments, and will not do anything on the premises in violation of any laws, ordinances, rules, or orders.

Additionally, contractor will maintain a landscape contractor’s license.

In the event of any unlawful activities by [Client.Company] should occur on the premises, and the work is cancelled, there will be no refund of any kind.

[Sender.Company] will use all proper and appropriate machinery, materials, and techniques to protect property, clients, and workers from any danger and safety hazards.


[Sender.Company] agrees to provide comprehensive General Liability Insurance, Automotive Liability Insurance, and any other insurance required by law or owner/client.


In the event of any damage caused to the property by [Sender.Company] during the performance of work, we will take responsibility and repair said damages. Additionally, it is understood that [Sender.Company] is not to be held liable for any damage of any kind, that is not caused by our own negligence by contractor or employees.


After the completion of the projects, we agree to remove all debris and leave the premises in broom-clean condition.

Changes in Work

Any services rendered, that are in addition to or beyond the scope of work required by this initial agreement will be billed separately.

[Client.Company]’s Responsibilities

Property Lines

Prior to the start of any work, the client will provide [Sender.Company] with information regarding the location of property lines, and all subsurface utility and service lines, including but not limited to - electrical, telephone, gas lines, and water/irrigation pipe-lines.

We may rely on the accuracy and completeness of all such information, and cannot be held liable for damages or costs resulting from any errors or omissions in that regard. Unless otherwise provided, [Sender.Company] will be responsible for obtaining any municipal building permits required.

Payments and Invoicing

All Payments will be due within 20 days after receiving them. If after seven business days after the payment due date, the invoice (or other agreed-upon payment terms) goes unpaid; contractor holds the right to cancel the agreement.

Access and Utilities

[Client.Company] will help to (within reason) create access to all parts of the job site.
Additionally, all utilities are to be provided by the owner/client.

Client agrees with, and has read the terms above:




  • After initial agreement, [Client.Company] has the right to terminate this agreement at any time and no cause needed. [Client.Company] must send written notice to [Sender.Company] through certified mail.
  • If agreement is terminated, [Client.Company] is liable for product or services, and/or payments performed, up until date of termination.
  • If either party should fail to honor the terms of this contract, the affected party must notify the other party in writing, through certified mail. Should conflict go unsolved within 10 business days, the other party also has the right to terminate the agreement.
  • If at any time, [Sender.Company] ‘s work performance threatens any health or safety regulations, [Client.Company] has the right to cancel the agreement.
  • Failure to maintain up-to-date licenses, insurance, and permits has the right to terminate the agreement.
  • If either party should fail to honor the terms of this contract, the affected party must notify the other party in writing, through certified mail. Should conflict go unsolved within 10 business days, the other party also has the right to terminate the agreement.

Client agrees with, and has read the terms above:



Pricing & Payments

Initial estimates are always free!
We follow strict installation standards and only use quality materials for every project however big or small.

[Sender.Company] will submit monthly service invoices for the amount set forth, depending on - materials, labor, and work required.

Please mention your preferred method of payment (check, credit card, or others): Payment Options

Labor Estimates

Work Description (Item, Unit Measure)Occurrences Per YearEstimated Labor and OccurrenceOccurrences Per Year
Mowing & Trimming all areas$0.001$0.00
Edging Sidewalk$0.0026$0.00
Irrigation System, Spring Start-Up$0.001$0.00
Irrigation System, Winterization$0.001$0.00


Your e-signature below indicates acceptance of this Landscaping Proposal and entrance into a contractual agreement with [Sender.Company] beginning on the signature date below:









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