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Outsourcing Services Proposal Template

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Outsourcing Services Proposal Template

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

  2. About [Sender.Company]

  3. Project Details

    1. Mobile iOS App

    2. Custom Website

  4. How We Work

  5. Project Cost and Timeline

  6. Terms and Conditions

  7. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Company: [Sender.Company]


1. Executive Summary

This proposal is following up on the RFP we received from your company. We want to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide your company with technology, web design, and support services. We know how challenging it can be to find a partner with the right expertise and skill sets.

Here is an overview of the business proposal and expected deliverables:

  • [Client.Company] requires a service to develop a mobile app, customize its website, and provide backend support to manage user data.

  • We have the skills and expertise to complete this project within the requested (Number)-week timeline.

  • The total cost of service is estimated to be (Total.Amount). We break down this estimate in Section Five into the following divisions:

  • Mobile app: (Total.Amount)

  • Custom website: (Total.Amount)

  • This service will be followed by a (Number)-month provisionary period.

2. About [Sender.Company]

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[Sender.Company] provides digital software systems and IT support to meet the needs of your business. We handle all integration aspects and ensure your systems work cohesively and seamlessly. We also provide ongoing maintenance and can help with any problems that arise, no matter how big or small.

We’ve helped companies of all sizes design and develop software to make their business more functional. Many of our clients have been with us for years, and our service continues to surpass our competitors.

We’re proud to have served the following forward-thinking companies:

  • (CompanyOne.Name) – (Short.Testimonial)

  • (CompanyTwo.Name) – (Short.Testimonial)

  • (CompanyThree.Name) – (Short.Testimonial)

Adding reviews or quotes from previous clients or inserting an internal link to a testimonies page is a good idea here. This way, you can prove your capability and make the client more likely to choose you above other providers.

We look forward to our partnership with you on this project. If you have questions, contact our Account Manager, (AccountManager.Name) at [Sender.Phone] or [Sender.Email]. We’re always happy to help in any way possible.

3. Project Details

Below is an overview of the projects we will complete for [Client.Company]. Here, you will find details about the functionality and applications of each.

Image 4
Image 5

Mobile iOS App

Custom Website

The process for developing and building your app will include the following:

  • Develop sitemap and wireframe

  • Create content

  • Integrate existing digital platforms

  • Develop the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

  • (More.DevelopmentProcesses)

We will also develop the following features for your app:

  • Payment

  • Profile management

  • Alerts and updates

  • (More.Features)

Your website will be hosted by (HostingProvider.Name) and will contain the following agreed-upon pages:

  • Homepage

  • About Us

  • Work With Us

  • Pricing Information

  • Blog Content and Company News

  • Links to various legal agreements

Adjust the pages as needed, but try to ensure the wording of each page is the same as it will be in the website headers to ensure it’s clear that you provided each page they asked for.

We will organize an initial planning meeting, after which we will start on the website as agreed upon in our discussion. From there, we will create a wireframe and mockup of the site, which we will give you access to once we finish it. When you approve the site mockup, we will develop, test, and finalize the website. We also provide the essential content and graphics to ensure your site is SEO-optimized.

You can manage and update the website through the administrator’s backend.

4. How We Work

Communication is key to every successful project. That’s why we request that [Client.Company] assigns a single point of contact available during regular business hours. This person must be available to answer questions and speak for your company. This way, we can work without delays and promptly provide you with the finished product.

Our guarantee to you is to keep [Client.Company] informed at each stage of the process. We will share our insights on developing and integrating your mobile app and website.

IT support is provided on an hourly basis. We will also assign a single point of contact who is available to answer questions and solve problems should they arise. This contact person is (AccountManager.Name), and you can use the previously mentioned contact methods to reach them during business hours, (Business.Hours).

5. Project Cost and Timeline

We estimate the total cost of the project will be (Project.Price), barring any changes or updates. We can complete this project within the agreed-upon (Number) -week timeline. Below, we outline the individual costs of each project and its requirements.





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




Timeline for the Overall Project


Design and planning:


Wireframe website and app:




Development and testing:


Project completion:


6. Terms and Conditions

[Sender.Company] agrees to build a mobile iOS app, website, and administrator’s backend for [Client.Company]. The project will take (Number) weeks to complete, with routine updates and check-ins happening during the project period. Be advised that requests for additional features or services could affect both the cost of the project and the timeline.

As such, Parties must communicate any project changes in writing, with both parties understanding the pricing and timeline changes and signing off on these changes. Should the signatures of both parties not be present on the document containing the new changes, pricing, and timeline, then it is not considered a valid change to this outsourcing services proposal.

Regarding payment, (Percentage)% of the total project cost is due upfront on the (Deposit.Date). The remaining amount is due upon completion by the (FinalPayment.Date), or within (Number) days of completing the projects. Payments can be made by (PaymentMethod.One) or by (PaymentMethod.Two). Late payments could also delay the project timeline and might even result in the termination of the agreement.

If [Client.Company] doesn’t make the payments by the required dates listed above, then [Sender.Company] can apply a late fee of (Late.Fee), or delay the completion of project phases. [Sender.Company] will not hand over the final login details and access codes to [Client.Company] until they have settled the total project amount.

Once the [Client.Company] has settled the payment, the website and mobile app will be the intellectual property of [Client.Company].







Outsourcing Services Proposal Template

Used 5,602 times

Reviewed by Josh Gillespie

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