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Personal Training Contract Template

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Maximize your fitness business success with our customizable Personal Training Contract Template designed to protect both trainers and clients.

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Personal Training Contract Template

Introduction and definitions




Thank you for choosing my services! The present contract is into the (Effective.Date) by (Start.Date) and is expected to end on (End.Date) It is valid between [Trainer.FirstName][Trainer.LastName] (generally referred to as Trainer) and [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] (generally referred to as Client), individually referred to as Party and collectively referred to as Parties.

During the present contract, the following terms will be used, each having a transparent and clear meaning, as follows:

Exercise program — a set of physical exercises that the Trainer recommends and the Client should perform;

PAR-Q questionnaire — a questionnaire that the Client must complete and the Trainer is to analyze;

Fitness goals — individual objectives that the Client states and the Trainer acknowledges;

No-show sessions — training sessions when the Client did not come to the commonly-agreed place.

Training packages and payment terms

The training packages included in this contract are:

  • (Training.Contract.1) – (Training.Contract.1.Details);

  • (Training.Contract.2) – (Training.Contract.2.Details);

  • (Training.Contract.3)- (Training.Contract.3.Details).

In matters of payment, the services must be paid completely before the (Start.Date). Any delay to the current payment will delay the (Start.Date) by a certain number of days, depending on the severity of the delay.

The payment must be processed either by Direct Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer) or by PayPal, using U.S.D. (U.S. Dollars) as the main currency. Incomplete payments are not taken into account and will be promptly returned to the Client.

Cancellation of training sessions

Make sure you always include a clear indication in matters of hours notice. This will help you avoid getting blank spaces into your agenda. The cancellation policy is one of the most important sections in your written agreement, as this guides the entire workflow of your training business.

If the Client wants to cancel a particular training session, they must inform the Trainer at least 3 hours before the (Start.Hour). Any sessions that are not rescheduled will result in a financial loss and can not be paid back to the Client.

In case of a no-show session, the Client is fully responsible for the loss and the Trainer is allowed to make use of the Termination measures (detailed in the Termination Policy section).

No indemnity or warranties are included in this contract between the Trainer and the Client.

Termination policy

The Trainer is allowed to terminate the contract in case of 3 non-consecutive no-shows (the Client does not show up to the 3 different personal training sessions, not necessarily consecutive). The remaining of the contract will not be compensated so the Client will face a financial loss.

Any amendments to this section are to be communicated to the Client personally at least 14 days before the date of the modification of the contract.

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Dispute resolution and legal fees

In case of a potential dispute, the Parties agree to share the legal fees associated with the suing action. Therefore, the Client will pay 50% of the fees and the Trainer will pay 50% of the fees.

The above-mentioned clause is not valid if the Client wrongfully terminates the contract and sues the Trainer in order to obtain the money paid on the services. The Assumption of Risk goes into effect starting on (Start.Date) and covers all the eventual inconveniences that may appear during the present contract.






Personal Training Contract Template

Used 4,954 times

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