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Photography Quote

Prepared by:
Prepared for:

This quotation has been prepared for [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] for the provision of event photography services for the[EVENT DESCRIPTION]taking place at[LOCATION]on[DATE]. Services include the following:

  1. Vision development with the customer
  2. A mixture of candid and posed high quality photographs to be taken at the event to capture the vision (around[NUMBER OF PHOTOS]photographs to be taken)
  3. Post production and delivery to client


PRE-EVENT CONSULTATIONMeeting with customer to develop vision and to determine structure of shots and any special requests. $0.00
EVENT PHOTOGRAPHYThe taking of photographs at the event, including setup and breakdown of any equipment.$0.00
POST PRODUCTION Analyze photographs and complete post production via software (e.g. Photoshop) to bring every image to a professional level. Digital proofs will be delivered to customer. $0.00

Terms & Payment

Terms and conditions shall be in accordance with[Sender.Company]’s standard event photography terms included on its website.

50% of the total price is due upfront and 50% upon completion of all work.


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