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Video Production Proposal Template

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Video Production Proposal Template

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This Video Production Proposal is a legally-binding, verified agreement between both [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company] with the intention to facilitate and maintain a business relationship with the terms heretofore accepted.

The agreement, signed on [Sign.Date], is made between [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company] with the knowledge that its terms are binding.

Within this specific video project proposal, the term “client” refers to the party signing on to work with the video production company or producer in this specific circumstance.

Within this video project proposal, the term “producer” or “production company” means the video production company within the agreement, whereas, the “production services” reflect those services provided by the producer or production company within the agreement.

By signing this video production proposal agreement, both [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company] acknowledge maintaining a business relationship in order to achieve the verified tasks.

By signing this agreement, both [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company] agree to the contract of this proposal, verifying they recognize said contract as legally binding – each agrees to perform their duties (listed within this video production proposal agreement) to the best of their abilities while maintaining said relationship.

Quality, Terms, & Conditions

By signing this agreement, both [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company] recognize that all completed media products shall meet the acceptable and required standards agreed upon by both parties.

Both [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company] agree that end-product media should be top-quality that is, among other agreed-upon aspects, artistically produced, aesthetic, and created appropriately based on art, sound, animation, and other factors.


Unless otherwise drawn up in this contract, both [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company] that the client owns all the rights, interest, and titles to the media – its finished product post-production as well as the creative idea backing it (pre-production clips will be discussed between both parties and agreed upon by signing this document).

All pre-production and post-production clips shall be owned by the client, and they are free to use on their websites, social media platforms, commercial video platforms, and other content platforms of their choosing.

The client hereby grants the creator of the media a transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free license to the media clips post-production deliverables during the contracted work. Pre-production clips will be handled as agreed by both parties.

Security & Confidentiality

Both [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company] recognize that the media, information, and product created for the client are assumed to be confidential and/or sensitive in nature. By signing, both parties agree to client-dictated disclosure contracts about the product of specific media, videography, video project, and more. The video producer agrees by signing this contract that all media, ideas, and pre-production (as well as post-production) clips are considered secure and confidential unless otherwise specified.

Independent Contractor

By signing this document, both [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company] recognize the producer as an independent contractor or freelance worker. By this contract, the producer will not be deemed an employee of the client and may not claim to be an employee under the client’s company name.

Delivery of Materials

The final product shall be delivered to the client on or before the agreed-upon deadline. By signing this document, both [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company] agree to abide by this effective deadline unless otherwise outlined and specified.

Agreed upon rate will be paid by the client to the video producer, payment may be made in the agreed-upon form, including check, credit card, and other specified exchange.

Signature, Acceptance, & Agreement

The terms of this video production proposal between [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company] will be enacted and legally recognized for the period starting [Start.Date] and ending [End.Date].

When signed by both parties, [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company], this document represents the legal agreement in its entirety. No other promises, understandings, agreements – whether written or verbal – will be upheld.

With signatures on this contact from both [Customer.Company] and [Producer.Company], the entirety of this agreement has been upheld. By signing, both parties agree to enforce and uphold full terms until the contract’s expiry or by the termination of this agreement concluded by both parties.









Video Production Proposal Template

Used 5,946 times

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