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Virtual Assistant Agreement Template

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Virtual Assistant Agreement Template helps you to create an agreement that establishes the terms and conditions of an affiliation between a virtual attendant and their consumer.

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Virtual Assistant Agreement Template

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This contract outlines an agreement between the following contractor:



Address:[Contractor.StreetAddress], [Contractor.City], [Contractor.State], [Contractor.PostalCode]



To be hereby known at "Contractor," and the following client company:



Address:[Client.StreetAddress], [Client.City], [Client.State][Client.PostalCode]



hereby known as "Client."

The contract outlines the details of virtual assistant services that the Contractor will provide to the Client.

This contract was created by:



Address:[Creator.StreetAddress][Creator.City], [Creator.State][Creator.PostalCode]




A. The Client is of the opinion that the Contractor has the necessary experience, qualifications, and training to capably fulfill the virtual assistant duties outlined in the contract below.

B. The Contractor is agreeable to providing services according to the terms set out in the contract. These include tasks as varied as managing email and phone correspondence, organizing work tasks, writing, monitoring and managing social media , and performing other assorted duties as outlined here:

(Enter value)

Services provided

The Contractor agrees to provide writing, social media management, website management and/or correspondence (phone and email services) virtual assistant services for the Client. In addition, virtual assistant services provided can include:

Service 1:

Service 2:

Service 3:

Service 4:

Service 5:

Service location

A. Services will be performed at (Enter Value).

B. Travel may be required, expected to occur about (Enter Value) of job duties.

Use of office equipment

A. The Contractor will be allowed use of the following equipment provided by the Client: (Enter Value).

B. The equipment may only be used for work with the Client. C. Provided equipment must be returned within (Number of days) days of the completion of the contract.

D. Provided equipment must be returned in good condition, or the Contractor is responsible for the cost. Good condition is defined as (Enter Value).


A. The Contractor is responsible for providing their own equipment and confirms it is of the quality sufficient to complete work adequately.

B. Such equipment includes: (Enter Value).

Compensation and billing

A. Compensation will be provided at a rate of _____ per ______.

B. The Contractor will invoice the Client no later than _____ days following the conclusion of a billing period.

C. If the Contractor does not invoice within ____months following a period of work, the Contractor agrees to forgo payment.

D. If the Client does not pay within ___ days following the submission date on an invoice, a late charge of ___percent per each month late will be accrued.

Reimbursement of expenses

A. Any expenses accrued by the Contractor, including but not limited to mileage, food and beverage purchases, travel expenses, office equipment and supplies, mailing fees, and other costs, must first be agreed upon by both parties through email. Expense receipts must be submitted with the invoice for the month in which they occurred.

Access to confidential information

A. Confidential information relates to any information from the Client related to the Client or their business that would reasonably be considered personal or private and is not generally known. Furthermore, such information would reasonably be considered to cause harm to the Client.

B. Examples of such information include login information, credit card information, business and banking account information, email, phone, fax, or address information for marketing outreach lists, and other items specifically defined here as:

(Enter Value)

C. Such confidential information will not be released by the Contractor except as authorized by the Client according to law. These obligations remain indefinitely past the term of this agreement.

Access to intellectual property

A. Intellectual property is inclusive of trademarks, logos, general brand elements, trade secrets, business processes, elements contributing to a unique product, and other items specifically defined here as:

(Enter Value)

B. Such items will remain the property of the Client.

Non exclusivity

A. The Client and partner agree that this contract does not prevent them from seeking work from other clients, or using other contractors, during the term of this contract.

B. During the term of the contract, the Contractor (may/may not) work for competitors in the industry.

C. Competitors in the industry are named as:(Enter Value)

Contract term

A. The contract term begins at midnight on (MM.DD.YYYY) and ends at midnight (MM.DD.YYYY).

B. Either party can end the contract sooner by providing written _______ days notice or payment for a _____ day time period in lieu of such notice.

Modification of this agreement

A. Any changes to this agreement are valid only if agreed upon and initiated by both Contractor and Client.








To demonstrate agreement with this contract, please be sure to sign and email back to [Contractor.Email]​.

Virtual Assistant Agreement Template

Used 5,531 times

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