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Wedding DJ Contract Template

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This Wedding DJ Contract can be utilized by freelance DJs and agents, and corporations that deliver wedding DJ assistance, so feel free to revise it as you see fit.

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Wedding DJ Contract Template

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The Parties

This wedding DJ contract is between [DJ.FirstName][DJ.LastName] from [DJ.Company], "the DJ," and [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] from [Client.Company], "the client."

DJ Services

Services required by the DJ: (Check all that apply)

Song list planning

Play music during the ceremony

Play music during the reception


DJ + MC team




Connecting laptops or tablets

Photo booth


Audio Edit

Personalized introductions

Other (specify):

Work Description

Event date:(insert date)

Event start time: (insert time)

Event end time: (insert time)

Event location and address: (insert venue name and address)

Event details:(enter details about the event- what's the occasion? What is the DJ's role?)

DJ's objectives: (enter your objectives, i.e., to personalize the music and entertainment as much as you can to the bride and groom, to provide music that guests of all ages will enjoy dancing to, etc.)

DJ's Responsibilities:

DJ's estimated preparation time: (How many hours will it take to prepare everything?)

The DJ will arrive on location at least (amount of time) before the event starts to set up and perform sound checks.

The DJ shall play music during the ceremony (insert details as to when what songs etc.)

The DJ shall play a mix of (types of music) during the reception.

The DJ shall take song requests from guests.

The DJ shall MC/help MC during the reception.

The DJ shall create a personalized audio mix of (specify).

If, for any reason, the DJ is required to work past the end time stated above (state any consequences).

(Insert any other DJ responsibilities).

Client responsibilities:

The client agrees to let the DJ take a break from (insert time or period).

The client (will/will not) provide the DJ with a music list/playlist.

The client (will/will not) provide a meal for the DJ.

(Insert any other client responsibilities).


The DJ will use the following equipment: (Check all that apply)

Sound system-(specify type)

Turntable-(specify type)

Mixer-(specify type)

Headphones-(specify type)

Laptop-(specify type)

Tablet-(specify type)

Projector-(specify type)

Other (specify)


The client and the DJ both agree to provide a safe environment for all guests. In the case that any damage is done to any of the DJ's equipment, the client shall be held responsible and must (describe what they should do, like pay a fee or buy new equipment).


The DJ will be responsible for acquiring insurance that covers the liability and property of all equipment.

Payment and Pricing

The client shall pay the DJ a total amount of $(amount) no later than (date).

To confirm this agreement, a deposit of $(amount) is required no later than (date).

The client may pay in installments as follows:

  • Deposit: $(amount) by (date)

  • First installment: $(amount) by (date)

  • Second installment: $(amount) by (date)

Payment method:(Check one)

E-transfer to (email)

Credit card: (enter credit card details)


Other (specify)

Any amount not paid by the above, due dates shall incur a late fee of $(amount).


In the case that there is a change in the event date, time, or venue, the client must inform the DJ by (deadline). In such cases (state any consequences, like if there are any additional fees and what happens if the DJ is already booked for another event on that date/time).

If the client wishes to make any changes or modifications to the services originally agreed on, the client must inform the DJ by (deadline). In such cases (state any consequences, like any additional fees).

(Insert any additional modification clauses).


If any party wishes to terminate the agreement, they must do so (state how – in writing, by phone, or by email).

The client may terminate this agreement no later than (date). Upon termination, the DJ will refund the client the full amount no later than (number of days) after termination (including/not including) the deposit. If the client terminates the agreement after the above-mentioned date, a cancellation fee of $(amount) will be charged.

The DJ may terminate this agreement no later than (date). Upon termination, the DJ must (provide/suggest) a replacement DJ. The DJ will then grant the client a full refund, including the deposit.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be responsible or liable for any delay, malfunctions, or failure to complete any work due to forces beyond their control, including strikes, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, nuclear, natural, civil, or military disturbances, or acts of God.


If any aspect of this contract shall be deemed invalid, illegal, or unenforceable by any legal authority, the validity, legality, and enforceability of all the other aspects shall not be affected in any way.


The client shall be held liable for any harm to the DJ's equipment or the DJ himself that is the result of an action by the client or any of the client's guests.

The DJ shall be held liable for any harm to the client or any of the client's guests that is the result of any direct action on the DJ's part.

No party shall be liable for any accidental or indirect damage.

IN WITNESS THEREOF – This contract is hereby executed by the parties as follows:

If you have any questions about this quote or would like to remove/add jobs for a new proposal, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

This quote is valid for (Add in how many days the quote is valid for) days. If we do not hear from you at this time, we will be happy to provide a new quote when you are ready.

Kind Regards,







Wedding DJ Contract Template

Used 4,885 times

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