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Letter of Recommendation for Student Template

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Our Letter of Recommendation for Student Template does the majority of the work for you, requiring only a few personal details to be filled in.

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Letter of Recommendation for Student Template

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Attn: [Recipient.FirstName][Recipient.LastName]

Re: [Student.FirstName][Student.LastName]

Dear Mr/Mrs. [Recipient.LastName],

It is my pleasure to formally recommend [Student.FirstName][Student.LastName] for employment/admission with/to (name of employer or school). I have been a teacher/professor of (name of subject) at (name of school) for (number of years) and have been an educator for (number of years teaching in total, if different than previous number). (Consider adding one additional line here describing any noteworthy accolades or credentials you possess.)

I have known [Student.FirstName] for (number of years) and had the pleasure of serving as his/her/their teacher/professor of (the subject that you teach/taught) at (name of the school you taught the student at).

In that time, I had a first-hand opportunity to witness [Student.FirstName] develop into an outstanding individual who excels in both his/her/their academic and personal endeavors. It is because of this knowledge that I have confidence in [Student.FirstName]'s suitability for this role and have chosen to write this letter of recommendation.

As [Student.FirstName]'s (the subject that you teach) teacher/professor, I observed his/her/their excellent (mention one or two intellectual strengths, such as creativity, resourcefulness, critical thinking, attention to detail, etc.) with my own eyes. His/her/their work on (name a project or assignment that was particularly successful) was especially strong and is worth mentioning. (Add one sentence briefly describing the project and what made it so effective).

Beyond noteworthy academic achievements, [Student.FirstName] displayed extraordinary personal strengths in the time I taught him/her. He/She/They demonstrated maturity beyond his/her/their years along with (mention two or three positive personal traits).

These qualities only served to endear him/her to his/her/their classmates as well as the teaching staff. Specifically, I can recall (outline a specific instance where there was a challenge or problem that the student had to deal with) and that he/she/they rose to meet the challenge head-on by (describe how the student displayed one of the previously mentioned traits in handling the situation).

In addition to the above, [Student.FirstName] maintained (describe additional positive performance, such as a strong attendance record, an attentiveness to deadlines, a positive attitude in helping classmates, and so forth.), which further exemplified his/her/their character. (This would be an appropriate spot to briefly add any stories or examples that demonstrate the skills you just described.)

I highly recommend [Student.FirstName] and believe he/she/they would be an excellent candidate for (name of the academic program or job being sought by the student). His/her/their robust academic background and strong character traits will no doubt be an excellent addition to your company/school.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about [Student.FirstName]'s past academic work or character via email at [Sender.Email] or phone at [Sender.Phone].






Letter of Recommendation for Student Template

Used 4,915 times

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