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Real Estate Non-Disclosure Agreement

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I. The parties

This Real Estate Non-Disclosure Agreement, hereinafter known as the “Real Estate Agreement,” is made between two or more of the following parties, hereinafter known as “Parties,” on this (Day) day of (Month), (Year), hereinafter called the “Effective Date,” between:

Buyer:[Buyer.LastName], (Buyer.MiddleName)[Buyer.FirstName] , hereinafter known as the “Buyer,” who currently lives at [Buyer.StreetAddress] , [Buyer.City] , [Buyer.State], [Buyer.PostalCode] with a mailing address of  [Buyer.StreetAddress] , [Buyer.City] , [Buyer.State], [Buyer.PostalCode].

Seller:[Seller.LastName], (Seller.MiddleName) [Seller.FirstName], hereinafter known as the “Seller,” who currently lives at [Seller.StreetAddress], [Seller.City], [Seller.State], [Seller.PostalCode] with a mailing address of [Seller.StreetAddress], [Seller.City], [Seller.State], [Seller.PostalCode].

Landlord (if any):[Landlord.LastName], (Landlord.MiddleName)[Landlord.FirstName], hereinafter known as the “Landlord,” who currently lives at [Landlord.StreetAddress], [Landlord.City], [Landlord.State], [Landlord.PostalCode] with a mailing address of  [Landlord.StreetAddress], [Landlord.City], [Landlord.State], [Landlord.PostalCode].

Agent (if any):[Agent.LastName], (Agent.MiddleName)[Agent.FirstName], hereinafter known as the “Agent,” who currently lives at [Agent.StreetAddress], [Agent.City], [Agent.State], [Agent.PostalCode] with a mailing address of [Agent.StreetAddress], [Agent.City], [Agent.State], [Agent.PostalCode].

II. The property

This Real Estate Agreement is intended to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information (Section IV) regarding the purchase and sale of the residential or commercial real estate, which belongs to (Seller/Landlord), located at:

[Seller.StreetAddress], [Seller.City], [Seller.State], [Seller.PostalCode]​, hereinafter known as the “Property.”

III. Buyer genuine interest

The Buyer agrees that they have a genuine interest in purchasing this Property and that all Confidential Information will be used solely for evaluating the Property.

IV. Confidential information

The phrase “Confidential Information” describes any information regarding the sale of the commercial or residential real estate Property that the Parties wish to remain private. Confidential Information relating to the Property includes but isn’t limited to taxes, revenue, marking plans, materials, planned capital improvements, the financial status or identity of investors or partners, or any other information the Parties wish to remain private.

For Confidential Information to be considered “Confidential” under this agreement, Parties must convey in writing {or in discussion} that a piece of information is intended to be kept private.

V. Non-disclosure

The Parties agree that they shall have an obligation to not:

  1. Disclose Confidential Information to a non-approved third-party,
  2. Reproduce this Real Estate Agreement for another third-party,
  3. Carefully restrict access to Confidential Information to those of its officers, employees, or directors who are subject to non-disclosure restrictions outlined by this Real Estate Agreement and who need access to this information for negotiating purposes.​

Parties cannot use any of the information discussed in Section IV to obstruct the sale of the real estate Property in any way. All Confidential Information must be held in the strictest confidence.

VI. Exceptions to section IV

The Parties agree that information in the public domain isn’t protected under Section IV. Any information known before confidence was communicated by Parties or found independently from a third-party or legal source (government, law enforcement, or court) are also exceptions to Section IV.

No illegal act can be protected under this Real Estate Agreement, and Buyer cannot be barred from purchasing the commercial or residential Property if: (a) The Buyer has knowledge or proof of the illegal act and (b) decides to go to the police or contact another legal authority.

VII. Return of confidential information

Upon Parties request, the Party in who was requested to return original Confidential Information materials must do so within (Length.Of.Time) (Hours/Days/Weeks) and cannot make copies of original material.

VIII. Term

This Real Estate Agreement will remain in effect until (MM.DD.YYYY), or whichever comes first: (a) Parties provide written notice releasing all Parties from this Real Estate Agreement, which must be signed by all included Parties or (b) all Confidential Information written in this Real Estate Agreement is no longer seen as confidential by all Parties.

IX. Governing law

This Real Estate Agreement shall be governed and constructed in accordance with the law of the State of (State) in the United States of America. All Parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the same State should they wish to take legal action if/when the Real Estate Agreement is breached. All Parties have the right to collect from the other party its reasonable attorney fees and costs, and necessary expenditures.

X. Discretion

Buyer agrees not to contact the Property or Business employees that facilitate the sale of Property, customers, or suppliers except through the (Seller/Agent/Landlord). Buyer further agrees to not contact the Sellers personal business or place of work. (Buyer cannot interfere with the Agent’s other listings or listing agreements with the Landlord in any way)

XI. Execution

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties agree that this Real Estate Agreement will come into effect on the Effective Date.


Real Estate Non-Disclosure Agreement

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