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Relationship Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

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Relationship Non-Disclosure Agreement ​Template

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I. The parties

This Mutual Relationship Non-Disclosure Agreement, hereinafter called “Relationship Agreement,” effective as of (Date), hereinafter referred to as “Effective Date,” is between the following two parties, hereinafter referred to as “Parties” or “Couple:”

Party A: Described as 1 part of the Couple known as [Party A.FirstName][Party A.LastName] (“Party A”) who currently lives at [Party A.StreetAddress], [Party A.City], [Party A.State], [Party A.PostalCode]with a mailing address of [Party A.StreetAddress], [Party A.City], [Party A.State], [Party A.PostalCode].


Party B: Described as 1 part of the Couple known as [Party B.FirstName][Party B.LastName] (“Party B”) who currently lives at [Party B.StreetAddress], [Party B.City], [Party B.State], [Party B.PostalCode] with a mailing address of [Party B.StreetAddress], [Party B.City]​, [Party B.State]​, [Party B.PostalCode].

II. Confidential information

The phrase “Confidential Information” includes, but isn’t limited to, details about the Couple’s sex life, arguments (that don’t involve abusive speech or became physical), extended family-related problems, finances, disappointments, insecurities, habits or experiences or addictions that were expressed as embarrassing, infidelity, opinions discussed in confidence, past relationship failures and/or anything else both Parties deemed private.

All Confidential Information must remain private regardless of how the included information was delivered. Text messages, notes, speech, emails, and private social media correspondence are all considered proper communication channels that are subject to Section II.

III. Non-disclosure. The couple agrees that they shall have an obligation to

  1. Hold all written Confidential Information in the strictest of confidence,

  2. Never use any Confidential Information to defame the other Party,

  3. Never use any Confidential Information for personal gain,

  4. Not disclose what Confidential Information is or isn’t available to a third-party,

  5. Take the steps necessary to ensure Confidential Information is guarded.

Section III shall remain and continue after the termination or expiration of the relationship between the two Parties and bind the Couple regardless of when, how, or why both Parties “broke up.”

IV. Exceptions to section II

The Couple agrees that the following topics are not restricted:

  1. Any information that was made public on the individual whims of one of the Parties (For example, information Party A posted to their own social media account or topics Party A discussed on a live broadcast freely without coercion are considered public knowledge).

  2. Any information that came to be public domain through no fault of the Parties (For example, a third-party made something Party B told them in confidence public)

  3. Any information that was known by Party A or Party B before confidence was communicated or if confidence wasn’t directly communicated firstly but later corrected.

  4. Any information that was independently found by the Couple without it being communicated to them by Party A or Party B in the past, present, or future.

  5. Any information provided by a court, government body, or law enforcement.

  6. Any information that Party A or Party B provided written or verbal notice for approval.

  7. Any information that could be considered illegal, a threat of harm, or an emergency.

  8. Any information that could suggest or provide evidence of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or neglect of any other third-party or one or more members of the Couple.

V. Use of confidential information

All Confidential Information outlined in Section II shall only be discussed between the Couple unless deemed otherwise. Confidential Information may be discussed with a non-bias third party that must maintain confidentiality as a part of their profession or services (for example, a couples therapist or psychologist).

The Parties will advise each person to whom disclosure is permitted that falls beyond the barriers of Section IV.

VI. Notice of disclosure

Parties must give at least (length of time in hours/days/weeks) notice before discussing Confidential Information to anyone unless the person(s) in question are a non-bias third-party mental health doctor or physician, a governing body, or legal entity.

Parties are responsible for notifying the other Party of the circumstances surrounding the request for information unless doing so violates applicable laws or statutes.

Parties cannot disclose information to a third party and ask for permission at a later date. Even if permission is granted after the fact, Parties still violate the Relationship Agreement.

VII. Term

This Relationship Agreement will remain in effect for perpetuity.

VIII. Return of confidential information

If the Confidential Information in question has a physical component, it must be returned within (length of time in hours/days/weeks) after the Couple declares their separation. Both Parties will return all equipment, documents, materials, records, or anything else that includes the Confidential Information and not make copies.

IX. Reason for covenant

This covenant or legal agreement is agreed by both Parties as necessary to protect the goodwill and reputation of Party A and Party B. (This Relationship Agreement was discussed thoroughly with a lawyer who advised legal counsel to (Party A, Party B or Couple) and has deemed this Relationship Agreement legally compliant.)

X. Reparations and enforcement

Should one or more Parties break the Relationship Agreement, they acknowledge that they would cause irreparable harm in which equitable damages and relief can be sought. The violated party is and henceforth entitled to all remedies available from the law. If any of the information in this Relationship Agreement is considered unenforceable, all other remaining provisions shall not be affected, and the rights of the Parties shall be enforced.

XI. Assignment and authority

This Relationship Agreement cannot be assigned to another party or edited by the Couple unless both Party A and Party B provide written consent.

Each Party will represent and adhere to the original written document and acknowledge that the signed copy of this Relationship Agreement holds full authority and power for perpetuity.

XII. Execution

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Couple agrees that this Relationship Agreement will come into effect on



[Party B.FirstName][Party B.LastName]

[Party B.Company]

[Party A.FirstName][Party A.LastName]

[Party A.Company]

Relationship Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Used 6,152 times

4.5 Rating (6 reviews)

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