HVAC Proposal Template

This sales proposal contains all details and relevant information regarding the scope of work, pricing, and terms requested by [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]

Prepared by:


Cover Letter

Dear [Client.FirstName],

Everyone at [Sender.Company] wants to thank you for taking the time to speak with us regarding your HVAC service needs. Enclosed, you’ll find a layout and an estimate for the details you mentioned in your request for proposal.

HVAC systems can be challenging to install and difficult to maintain, especially when all you really want to do is turn on the air conditioner or adjust the thermostat! You can rest assured that, as your HVAC contractor, we take pride in creating heating, ventilation, and cooling solutions that perfectly match your unique needs.

Feel free to contact our office with any questions regarding this business proposal, and thanks again for considering [Sender.Company] as your HVAC service provider.



Client Testimonials

We know that great HVAC service can be hard to find. Here are a few great things that our clients have said about us!

Testimonial text


Testimonial text


About [Sender.Company]

Since opening our doors in sender founding date[Sender.FoundingDate], [Sender.Company] has strived to be a leader in HVAC service and maintenance. We believe in creating solutions around heating ventilation and air conditioning systems that are easy to maintain and get the job done.

We use state-of-the-art technology to keep your system carbonless and energy-efficient, and we maintain relationships with HVAC contractors and installers who share our core values.

We’ve built our business on trust and outstanding customer support. That’s why, when you bring [Sender.Company] into your residence or commercial space, you can always expect your equipment to be serviced by qualified professionals. We routinely hire and train some of the best men and women in the HVAC business today.

[Sender.Company] Offices

We’re a moderately-sized HVAC business supporting the client area[Client.Area] area. Our offices are located at [Sender.Address]. Get in touch with us by phone at [Sender.Phone], email at [Sender.Email], or through our website at [Sender.Website].

Project Summary

The following pages outline the scope of work and estimated costs required to install an HVAC system at client address[Client.Address].

Proposed Start Date:[Work.StartDate]

Proposed Date of Completion:[Work.CompleteDate]

Total Cost:[Work.Cost]

This business proposal is based on [Sender.Company]’s conversation with [Client.Company] representatives and [Sender.Company]’s evaluation of the work with its own technicians and service professionals.

If any aspect of this proposal is unclear, please seek clarification by consulting immediately with your [Sender.Company] representative.

Scope of Work

[Sender.Company] will provide HVAC service for the duration of [Product1] installation, as well as ongoing HVAC maintenance until [Work.MaintenanceExpiry], provided that the maintenance contract is not renewed.

The scope of work defined in this HVAC proposal covers the installation schedule, the bill of materials, and the post-installation maintenance schedule.


Per [Sender.Company]’s conversation with [Client.Company] representatives, [Sender.Company] plans to begin the installation of [Client.Comany]’s requested HVAC system on [Work.StartDate] and will progress through each milestone listed below:

Project MilestoneEstimated Completion Date
Project Start[Work.Start]
Milestone 1Date
Milestone 2Date
Project Completion[Work.CompletionDate]

Bill of Materials

At [Client.Company]’s request, [Sender.Company] will purchase the following materials in order to successfully complete the install.

[Client.Company] understands that every HVAC system is highly customized and that these products cannot be refunded or exchanged except in cases of a manufacturer warranty failure.

Installation Item$ 0.001$ 0.00
Installation Item$ 0.001$ 0.00
Installation Item$ 0.001$ 0.00
Installation Item$ 0.001$ 0.00

The bill of materials is subject to change if the scope of work is altered.

[Client.Company] understands that any last-minute additions to the HVAC installation during the process may require additional parts and labor.

Post-Installation Maintenance Schedule

In addition to HVAC service installation, [Sender.Company] also offers a rigorous HVAC maintenance schedule for its units. Following installation, [Sender.Company] will send a qualified HVAC technician to the installation site following the recommended schedule below.

Maintenance DateMaintenance Type (Swap filters, cleaning, equipment check, etc.)

Post-installation maintenance and checkups are designed to ensure that your new HVAC system is running efficiently and up to modern industry standards.

Our expert maintenance team will service your equipment properly and will inspect your equipment to ensure that the system is not experiencing any undue stress.

In the event that our team spots unexpected issues with your system, we are committed to rending quick service to resolve your outstanding issues in a quick and efficient fashion.

Terms & Pricing

Based on [Sender.Company] estimation, the final cost for this project, including parts and labor will be: [Work.Cost].

Signoff & Acceptance

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the Parties has executed has reviewed this HVAC business proposal and agree to the work, terms, and conditions listed herein.

Upon signing, each party will have 48 hours to reconsider and nullify this agreement before payment is transferred and work begins in accordance with the above-listed dates.







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