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Job Estimate Template

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This Job Estimate Template estimates the total cost of a service.

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Job Estimate Template

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How to customize your job estimate templates

(Please fill out the blank spaces to create and download the following job estimate template. You can find, create, and download more free estimate templates at PandaDoc.)

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[Sender.Company] (or Logo)

Date: (MM/DD/YYYY)

Estimate: $ (Job estimate)

Service Provider Contact





Project estimate description

(Describe what will be included in your job estimate template. This could consist of a construction estimate for a contractor, project estimate, work estimate, or multiple job estimates. You should also give a summary of the services you’ll provide, a project timeline, and the total cost of materials, services, and any other additional costs. When estimating, always consider your total costs and increase your prices to make a profit. While creating your templates, walk your clients through the process. If your forms are confusing or incomplete, they may assume your work estimate is the project's actual cost.)





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




Thank you for your business

Please sign:


Valid for: (Number) Days

Shipping address: [Client.StreetAddress][Client.City],[Client.State][Client.PostalCode]

Customer Note: The project quote, work estimate, and/or job estimate template form will be provided in one of three file formats: Microsoft Excel, Word, or PDF. If the customer does not have the software to open or edit a PDF or any other document, open it with Google Docs. If the customer prefers to use a PDF form only, they may send over an edited PDF document for editing in PDF-enabled software.

Free estimate template disclaimer:

Initial disclaimer

All “professional businesses,” “customer(s),” “contractor(s)," and “client(s)” must read and adhere to the following disclaimers.

The information listed in the above form is not considered a complete invoice. The customer agrees that the above line items are for estimating purposes only and are subject to change. If there are multiple customers, please “customer” as “customers.” If the customer represents a business, a contractor, or a client, the terms “customer” and “customers” also apply.

Change of project

A new job estimate will be provided if the project's scope changes, which the company may edit. The edit cannot exceed (Number) page(s) or (Number) line item(s), and the customer must provide (number) days written notice through [Sender.Email] or one or more of the following online formats previously discussed: (app/text channel/video conferencing/software/form/another format). Approval of changes is not guaranteed.

Customers can change the project's scope up to (Number) times per project. Receiving more than one project estimate form does not reset the edit amount but may increase the quote, cost, or estimate amount. The customer may contact us if they need to change their address, the project end date, estimated amount, or the file format (Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF).

Final estimate

If this spreadsheet counts as the final estimate or bid, the customer agrees to the written payment contract above, provided the final cost of the job does not exceed ($ amount), or the customer adds more to the project's terms than what was initially discussed.

Free job

If the company or the businesses our company uses as a supplier does not respond to the “Change of Project” request in (Days), the customer will receive a free job, or a portion of their project will be considered a “free job.” What is regarded as a “free job” will be outlined in the contract or other forms in the blank space provided. Please contact us online for more info.

Accepted changes

Once the company accepts these changes, the customer may be subject to a (number) day waiting time. The company will start creating two new documents: a new job estimate form and a contract. A construction estimate will be provided if the company is employed with a contractor, along with the subsequent estimated materials.

Active form

All customers must complete, sign, and send a PDF, Excel, or Microsoft Word document form containing the new project workflow for a more accurate estimate. Customers may use a business plan software to draft this information. The project will not begin until all parties agree to start, which is indicated when the customer adds their signature by “Please Sign” on this form.

Project payment

The job estimate provided may act as a bill or invoice unless the price changes. For bookkeeping purposes, customers will receive an Excel document or spreadsheet that contains the cost or costs of each line item. This form may include the quote if applicable.

As per the contract, the work estimate is subject to change, but the invoice and its subsequent forms aren’t unless the customer makes a dispute. The dispute may involve a trial or legal process. Otherwise, the customer must pay the amount on the invoice by the declared date.

Project completion

After the project is complete, the customer should consider the final provided work estimate form as the actual estimate. All previous job estimates forms, group of sheets, or bid/bids, are void, even if the project's scope reverted to an earlier process unless the customer gave written notice and a new contract was provided.

These new documents must be professional, made with software, and be saved in a PDF, Excel, or Microsoft Word document format. If the customer cannot open the document, a new one will be provided. It’s recommended that the customer groups the PDF, Excel, or Microsoft Word spreadsheet/document with their project workflow as mentioned in “Active Document.”





Job Estimate Template

Used 4,908 times

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