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Salary Increment Letter Template

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If your employer doesn't offer yearly pay raises, you can employ a this Salary Increment Letter Template to ask for one, whether your justifications for the raise are merit-based or inflation-based.

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Salary Increment Letter Template

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Sample employee and professional salary increase letter

I would like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation for hiring me (all those or a specific number) years ago as a vital member of the (department name) team. My laser focus and dedication have resulted in several accomplishments that have continued to build [Receiver.Company]. I believe that my success will continue for the foreseeable future.

During the past period, I’ve (add something specific, like “picked up extra work” or “increased my contribution efforts") and have taken on more responsibilities (add something specific, like “because I felt ready to handle them” or “because I understand my performance is tied to the team’s performance”).

Over the past year, I’ve made the following company and performance improvements:

  • I’ve raised the average ROI of [Receiver.Company] by (#)% in (0) (years of months).

  • I improved (efficiencies or performance) in the (system name) system, saving the company $(00,000) in annual revenue.

  • I managed the launch of a new (product or service) successfully, helping to realize $(00,000) in (quarterly or yearly) sales.

  • I’ve strived for excellence, continued to add value to the company, and always kept deadlines. I’ve been a mentor for my fellow team members.

  • Peer reviews and HR polls indicate that my colleagues appreciate my (leadership or management) style. They say I'm a vital team member.

  • (Add something specific, like an award you’ve won or an article you wrote that attracted a lot of site visions. You could also mention a good review, various congratulations you’ve received from staff, free or unpaid time spent at work, or another subject that involves new resources used on the job or address your general commitment)

In light of my accomplishments, hard work, and dedication, I respectfully request a pay raise of $(00,000) annually, either effective immediately or by (MM/DD/YYYY).

According to data taken from (website), the average annual salary for my position is $(00,000), which is (#)% higher than my current salary of $(00,000). An (#)% raise would put my compensation in line with regional, industry, and state standards for the work I’m providing in (2022).

I strongly feel that this pay raise is well deserved, and I hope you feel the same.

Although I may not need to explain further, I feel that (add proof that sends the point home, like the positive letters you’ve received from employers, other employees, or a specific manager or a performance metric, like “best in the world”) speaks for itself.

Please understand that I’m aware of this job's multiple non-monetary benefits, and I’m very grateful for your generosity.

You’ve always put your full trust behind my choices, and you continue to foster my creativity on projects. I took your (add something specific that your employer has done to show they trust you, like increasing your responsibilities, an offer of congratulations, or an award) as proof that you trust in my abilities, and this trust has only increased my confidence. With your guidance, I’ve grown and changed with [Receiver.Company].

Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you and your team. I’m looking forward to the future of this company, staying as an active member of [Receiver.Company], and continuing our mutually beneficial relationship. I love working for [Receiver.Company], and I will do my best to impress you and my fellow employees with my hard work and dedication.

If you wish to discuss my compensation further, I’m available to schedule a meeting on (MM/DD/YYYY or written date) at (00:00) or (MM/DD/YYYY or written date) at (00:00).

Best regards,


Please sign:



Salary Increment Letter Template

Used 5,094 times

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