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     Executive Summary
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PandaTip: This is the place to make yourself or your company stand out. Most people know what SEO means, or they think they do, but you’re the expert so give your client the expert’s take on the importance of your work. And be sure to highlight your past work (give yourself a little credit!).

It’s never been more crucial as a business to maximize your online audience, and to do it in the savviest way possible. It’s one thing to have a great product or service, but what if no one knows you exist? What if your company is buried in search results while your competitors feel all the love? That’s where [Sender.Company] comes in.

Who We Are


[Sender.Company] is dedicated to the craft of search engine optimization, more commonly called SEO. Our team comprises of experts in marketing, design, content strategy, and keyword creation — all essential aspects to a successful SEO approach. With [Sender.Company], your website will stand out from the rest through our unique approach to SEO. But don’t just take our word for it; here are testimonials from satisfied clients:


Testimonial“We had a great concept and good product, but we just weren’t attracting the customers. And we didn’t know why. Through a referral, we hooked up with [Sender.Company] and we couldn’t be happier. In just the first month, our rankings went through the roof and we haven’t looked back since.”

– [Past.Client.Name1], [Past.Client.Name1.Industry]

cleaning-guy-boss“Sometimes you think you’re the only one who knows what’s best for your business. In my case, I never knew the value of a strong web presence. We’re a century-old, family-owned company from the Midwest, and technology has never been our strong suit. Thanks to [Sender.Company], we now understand where the future is headed and how to keep the company strong for future generations.”

– [Past.Client.Name2], [Past.Client.Name2.Industry]

More examples of our work can be viewed at [Sender.Company.Website]. We’re proud and passionate about our work, and we’re ready to take your own website to the next level.


PandaTip: What are the concepts behind your approach to SEO creation? What strategies do you use that will entice potential clients? This section allows you to lay out the process of SEO creation and execution. You should be as detailed as possible, but not too technical; you want your client to know what to expect without being overwhelmed.

Executive Summary

SEO-coffeeThis proposal represents a unique approach to SEO designed specifically for [Client.Company]. We have performed extensive keyword analysis and examined trends specific to [Client.Industry] in order to maximize your web search results. Our goal is to provide a complete strategy that will help grow your business.

Analysis and Strategy

A successful SEO strategy is about building a company’s online presence. When you work with [Sender.Company], our first order of business is analyzing what works and what does not work with your current SEO approach.

If you do not have an existing SEO approach, then our analysis will be more straightforward. From this analysis we will develop our Approach. It might seem as though your company can take the reins from there, but the most important aspect of the Approach is execution. Underperforming in even one area can lead to poor results. That’s why we continue to manage your SEO Approach even after analysis and implementation of the strategy. An effective Approach can take months to come to fruition.


Implementation Timeline

It’s important to be in sync so expectations are created and met. Here’s what [Client.Company] can expect for creation and implementation of the Approach:

Sample ProjectsTimeline
Link-building__ months __ days
On-page optimization__ months __ days
Off-page optimization__ months __ days
Content calendar and strategy__ months __ days
Navigation and site hierarchy__ months __ days
Code creation__ months __ days
Ongoing management__ months __ days


Project work will take place at [Client.Company] headquarters for the most part, with any off-site work clearly communicated beforehand. [Sender.Company] will be responsible for managing the SEO Approach, and a member of our team will be the sole point of contact for [Client.Company] to ensure continuity. If the project manager requests additional specialists, [Sender.Company] will provide the necessary designers, marketers, and analyzers to carry out specific tasks.

[Sender.Company] will create all necessary code in the appropriate language, such as HTML, Java, .NET, etc. This will line up with your website language to ensure optimal integration, and thus boost your website ranking in search results.

If problems arise, your project manager will be easily reachable to respond in a swift manner to resolve issues.

After the Approach is implemented, the project manager will report to [Client.Company] a website traffic report and keyword rankings on a weekly basis.


PandaTip: This area is fairly straightforward. You should adjust the services to fit your offerings and, of course, set your own rates and timeline expectations. You also may want a different payment structure. Tailor this section to your needs.

Pricing Estimates

Approach creation$5050per hr$2500
Project management$5050 per hr$2500
Administrative support$2550 per hr$1250
Initial payment$20001$2000

Subtotal: $8250
Tax (7.5%): $618.75
Total: $8868.75

Please select your preferred method of payment:




This proposal may be amended prior to contractual agreement between [Client.Company] at the discretion of [Sender.Company]. The initial payment acts as a retainer for services. The remaining payment must be made within 30 days of the completion of work.


By signing below, [Client.Company] agrees to accept this SEO proposal and enter into a contractual agreement with [Sender.Company] beginning on the date of signing. The initial payment is due at the time of signing this agreement.

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