It’s important that you have an option to share through PandaDoc. After all streamlining the workflow is what we are all about. If you are busy emailing files back and forth then you aren’t managing everything in one place. Now you can skip the back and forth emails.

The Attachments feature will allow you to add a file of any type (PDF, Word, Etc.) to your documents and templates. The file size can be a max of 50 MBs, and you can attach up to 10 different files per document.

The Attachments feature is available in the Business and Enterprise plans.

How to add attachments

Option 1.

Use the quick-add button at the top or bottom of a page. Simply click on it and select Add attachment. The name of the attachment will be shown in the body of the document, but the attachment’s content won’t be visible.

Option 2.

Open a document, click on the apps icon, then click on Attachments.

Simply click on Add attachment and drag and drop your file. You can upload from your device or import from one of the many supported cloud storage services: Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.

Access your attachments

The attachment, regardless of where you’ve added it, will be displayed in the right panel. Access the attachment list by clicking the clip icon.

Download and edit attachments

If you need to download, or delete an attached document, hover over the attachment name, click on the vertical ellipses, and select the needed action.

Tip for pros: add attachments to your templates

To streamline and increase workflow productivity add the app to your template so all documents created from this template will inherit this setting.

If you would like to attach the same file to all documents simply attach it on the template level. All documents created from this template will inherit the attachment.

It really is that simple!