Christmas came early this year and, boy, do we have a lot of gifts for you! Every week, we take all of your requests, and our brilliant engineers get to coding! For our August features roundup, we’ve got several big product additions for you. Check ’em out.

PandaDoc app for iPad

Oh yeahhhh! The much-anticipated PandaDoc App for iPad is out and making waves. The Next Web took notice, and the App Store even featured us in not one, but two spots: Business and Best New Apps.

Templates editing

editing templates

Everyone loves free stuff, but it’s even more exciting when that stuff normally costs hundreds of dollars. And since templates are one of those typically pricey things you just can’t do business without, we built a free templates library just for you.

Just find the one you need and click on “Get This Template” to open it in PandaDoc. You can customize your template within PandaDoc using Google Docs or download the template to edit in Word.


self signing documents

We all know PandaDoc is awesome for getting signatures from coworkers and clients. But every once in a while, you probably have a personal document to sign all by yourself.

Our new self-signing feature makes it that much easier to sign your own docs. Just open a document in PandaDoc, assign the signature field to yourself, and sign. Viola! If you need to send the document afterwards, simply add a recipient and resend.

Pst! Any other features you want to see in PandaDoc?