This holiday season calls for gifting and we’re gifting PandaDoc users in the form of major product updates. December’s updates include:

  • Enhanced Dashboard and Timeline now with revenue metrics
  • Updates to the PandaDoc mobile app including PDF downloads and push notifications

Let’s dive further into each update below:

Dashboard and Timeline updates

Back in August, we introduced our new Dashboard to provide you with valuable data to keep your business running efficiently and to improve your document workflow.

Today we’re happy to announce further enhancements that take these insights a step further.

First up, revenue values

This was one of our most popular requests. We’ve now added the total dollar amount for each document stage in the lower left-hand corner of the card. If your organization doesn’t work with dollars, the amount shown here will reflect the currency you’ve selected for your PandaDoc workspace. More on that later.

If you click on the card, you’ll arrive at a Smart List view. The Grand Total amount associated with each doc will now appear in the Smart List view.

Next, see the number of docs that were added to the card

Often you need a quick top-down overview of a day’s work. Now you can see how many docs progressed to a new stage on that given day so you can stay on top of your team’s performance.

Timeline combines activity and commenting into one

Timeline unites two of our favorite features, document activity, and built-in collaboration. The Timeline found on the right-hand side of the Dashboard view will detail any doc that has received recent activity. While you can’t comment on a doc from here, you will receive a snapshot of previous comments, if any, on that document.

The documents will be listed in chronological order and will show the last three actions related to that document. Simply click View more activity, and the remaining activity will drop down.

Dates of status change keep you on top of things

On the old Dashboard, the date that corresponded with the document represented the creation date. But now that you can see when a document moves to a new stage, this date becomes irrelevant for sent, viewed, and completed docs.

Now the new Dashboard will show the relevant date for the status that the document is in. You can even filter by date in the Smart List view.

Transparency into individual performance

Curious to know how many documents an individual on your team is working on? Now managers can take their reporting to the next level by filtering documents by document creator.

This gives you visibility into an individual’s performance and the types of documents they work with everyday.

All of these Dashboard features are now available for all plans. This new Dashboard is designed to help better track important changes to your documents and react accordingly.

We’re certain that a timely follow-up or a reminder to your recipient can make a huge difference in winning more deals for your business.

Default currency

As we mentioned earlier, revenue values for each document stage will now appear on your Dashboard. The currency that appears on the Dashboard is completely customizable in the Workspace settings.

By default, the currency that will appear will be USD but you can change it to any currency that is available within the application.

In addition to the Dashboard, the currency setting also affects:

  • Currency when creating new pricing tables, both at the document and template level
  • Currency of Grand total for new documents
  • Currency when creating a new Catalog item

This feature is available for all plans. Just head to your Workspace settings under Default currency to adjust your setting.

Mobile app

In September, we released a brand new mobile app so that users could take PandaDoc on-the-go. Since then we’ve gathered valuable feedback to make the app even better. These updates were designed to make gathering signatures easier and to save you even more time while you’re out of the office.

Download to PDF

You are now able to download a document to PDF right from the app. Just view the document and click the share icon in the upper right corner and you’re good to go.

This is a great added feature if you want to quickly forward a PDF to your contact.

More push notifications

Previously we’ve enabled some push notifications, but now we’re happy to say that we’ve expanded them. Here are the situations where you will receive a notification:

  • You have a document that needs to be signed
  • A recipient viewed one of your documents
  • A recipient signed one of your sent documents
  • All recipients completed your document
  • A recipient posted a comment to your document
  • You have a document that needs your approval
  • An approver rejected your document
  • A document was approved by an approver of the workflow
  • A document was approved by all approvers

When you receive the notification, all you have to do is tap the notification to open the corresponding document.

Open a PandaDoc document from your email in the app

iOS users who use the mail client app can now click a document link in the email, and the document will open in the PandaDoc app.

We hope these new mobile updates will continue to create a positive user experience, one that makes the app just as easy to use as the desktop app.

If you don’t have the app, be sure to download it in the AppStore or on Google Play.

Well, that’s a wrap for 2017 product updates! If you are a current PandaDoc customer, we encourage you to log in and give these new features a try. And if you aren’t quite a customer yet, sign up for PandaDoc for free for 14-days.

We hope everyone has a happy holiday and we’ll see you in 2018!