Document Bundling is here and ready to warm up your workflows.

You can now create high-quality, professional document bundles for FREE* (yes, we said free) with any paid PandaDoc plan.

Document Bundling allows you to group multiple documents, send, and track them all at once, within a single document transaction — no more misplaced documents or sifting through emails.

From now on, you can combine your proposal, terms and conditions, NDA, and more into a tidy package. You can bundle documents:

  • using the built-in editor
  • by uploading or combining existing documents
  • by combining existing templates

We also improved how you can track bundled documents, allowing you to monitor insights for a single transaction rather than tracking individual documents.

Here’s a look at how Document Bundling can help you improve and streamline your document processes.

Imagine you’re an office manager responsible for overseeing new employee onboarding. Your current process requires you to bombard the new hire’s email with various onboarding documents such as an employment contract, NDA, and benefits packages that the hire must review and eSign before their first day.

It’s an overwhelming process for everyone involved. Luckily, the days of spamming new hires with individual emails for documents are over.

Using Document Bundling, you can batch up to 10 documents together and send them all at once for eSign. This means your new hire will receive one email and sign all the necessary documents in a single transaction.

Document Bundling accelerates the whole document transaction cycle: whether it’s sending out a proposal and supporting documents or trying to get a new employee onboard.

Ready to bundle up? Check out this helpful resource to learn how to create your first document bundle.

* Unlimited access to Document Bundling is free for all paid PandaDoc customers, from Enterprise to Essentials accounts, even trial users. Volume packages will pay the same price as single documents.